The Penn State Yoga and Integral Living Club was recently founded in the Fall of 2011. Yoga can be so much more than a fancy headstand or a well-maintained crow pose; it is about connecting your body with your mind and soul. Therefore our club consists of two parts: a weekly yoga asana practice along with a weekly discussion group. The sessions are held on different days of the week and can be participated in jointly or separately.

We welcome all students, faculty, and members of the community to join us no matter your level of experience. All that we ask is that you come with an open mind and open heart. We believe that integral life experiences challenge both the body and the mind, which is why our goal is to embrace the power of yoga asanas and the dynamism of discussion.

We like to explore new concepts, ideas and philosophies by challenging both our bodies and minds.

It shall be fun. 


Go to our Current Info tab to find out about our recent news and information, any special event for the week will be posted there!



*Did you got recently yoga instructor certified and would love to share your inner guru with a yogi/yogini group?

*Would you like to share your yoga wisdom, the yoga philosophy from your perspective or your yoga stories with some passionate yogis and yoginis?

*Are you a yoga instructor or yoga lover eager to share with the Penn State community your knowledge and wisdom?

*Are you interested in sharing your life philosophy and how that makes you be more connected?

If you are interested in sharing your wisdom, practice and stories do not hesitate to contact us...