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Here is a little info about our club and its week to week activities and training to give you a better feel of who we are at Penn State Triathlon.


In order to join you will need to hand in your Club Forms along with club dues of $100 (competing member) or $50 (non-competing member).



Every Tuesday night we get together to go over club news, merchandise orders, training plans for the week, upcoming races, etc. We also usually include a little educational presentation to help spread knowledge, tips, and experience amongst club members.

Weekly meetings are held for future race organization, clothing orders, administrative details, guest speakers, useful tips, and other triathlon talk.


-Monday afternoon rides


-Tuesday afternoon track workouts


-Wednesday night swims


-Thursday afternoon rides


-Mini Tri’s

In the winter, the club organizes mini triathlons every other week at White Building. These consist of a 10 minute pool swim, followed by 20 minutes on a fitness bike, and 20 minutes on a treadmill. This is a useful way to track fitness over the winter.



-Post-Trainer Ride Feeding

For our Thursday night trainer sessions, a few club members volunteer to bring food and we have a nice time hanging out while refueling together.

-Bounce Funplex

Fun time while getting a lot of exercise.


Each fall we go out for a traditional Pennsylvania hayride. It’s a fun time with a fire, friends, and of course, a lot of good food.

-Movie Nights

We’ll spend a relaxing night watching a flick with some friends and snacks.



-Stadium Cleanups

Almost all of our fundraising is made possible through cleaning up a section of Beaver Stadium after one or two home football games each fall. The money earned helps to pay for all of our trips.

Most of our funding comes from cleaning up Beaver Stadium after home football games. We typically have two every fall semester.

-Bake Sales

We have 2 to 3 each year. They help to a degree, but don’t tend to earn us so much as we’d like.

-Dodge-ball Tournaments

We held our first dodgeball tournament among club sports this year and it was a successful fundraiser.

-Lactic Acid 5k

In late spring, the Triathlon Club organizes a 5k running/walking event with excellent prizes and fun for everyone. This has been a standard fundraiser for a few years now.



-Fall Conference Races

In the fall we compete in three North-Eastern Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC) races. These races earn us points so that we can earn the right to send athletes to USAT Collegiate Nationals. This year, our team was 2nd only to Army. For their school, triathlon is a varsity sport. The fall races are within driving distance of State College (2-5 hours of driving).


In the spring we travel down to Florida to spend a week in the sun and race in an uprising triathlon. This is the spring race open to all members. Since the fall races are so early in the semester, many new members don’t participate. Our spring race is where new members can really get involved in the club.

-USAT Collegiate Nationals

This is our A priority race. Athletes competing at Nationals have earned a spot during the fall races.



For the first year in Tri Club history, we became an organization involved in THON. While we didn’t raise enough money to send a dancer to the event, we made a lot of progress for our first year. Many of our club members are heavily involved with THON through other committees.
What is THON?



This communication tool keeps everyone on their toes when someone is looking for
training company. Daily posts to the listserv make it easy for people to find
others to swim, bike or run with. Join Listserv.


Hopefully this info helps you get a better idea of who we are and what we do!

Have any other questions about triathlon club? Please contact psutriathlon@gmail.com


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