Tau Beta Pi is a student run organization. Officers are selected on a one, two, or three semester basis as positions become available. Our current officers are:

Tau Beta Pi PA Beta

Tau Beta Pi PA Beta
  • Zack Meyer

    President (zdm5036)
  • Somesh Shahi

    Vice President (sos5566)
  • Rachel Erwin

    Corresponding Secretary (rve5045)
  • Anderson Beck

    Treasurer (alb5822)
  • Mary Elizabeth McCulloch

    Initiation Chair (mxm5344)
  • Francesco Volo

    Webmaster (fgv5007)
  • Anthony Nemanic

    Corporate Liaison (axn5143)
  • Adam Rusenko

    Vice President Elect (azr5215)
  • Alex Yanovich

    Community Service Chair (aty5024)
  • Andrew Masteller

    Treasurer Elect (amm6669)
  • Lola Buonomo

    Recording Secretary (lab492)
  • Janak Jethva

     Professional Development Chair (jpj5113)
  • Matt Shaw

    Corresponding Secretary Elect (mjs6300)
  • Ritz Raju

    President Elect (rsr5151)
  • Seung Wook Cho

    Social Activities Chair (szc5433)
  • Tyler Whitlatch

    Public Relations Representative (tuw153)
  • Vanessa Orlando

    Philanthropy Chair (vmo5025)

Core Officers

Faculty advisors

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