Penn State Swing Dance Club

This is the official website of the Penn State Swing Dance Club. We meet during the from 7:30-9:30 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 132 White Building! Every meeting begins with a lesson followed by social dancing. We are always welcoming new members. No prior experience is required, as we hold a beginner lesson at every meeting.

About the club

Updates on social and informal events can be found on our Facebook group.
We also have a dedicated listserv with each week's updates and news. Sign up Here.

Our consititution can be found here

To read more about our fabulous officers click here

Officer Meetings are Monday at 5:00 to 6:00 in room 228 HUB. Any members are welcome to attend.

Regular Club Meetings

Meeting times for the Spring of 2016 are Tuesdays and Thursdays in 132 White Building from 7:30 to 9:30. We'll be beginning our regular meetings August 30th to ensure everyone gets a chance to settle in before we start dancing!

New members are always welcome and at any regular meeting there will be a beginner lesson available to anyone wishing to drop in.


Every month we hold a dance in one of the halls in the HUB. The dances last from 10pm until 1am and start with a beginner lesson.



Swing State is happening September 30th to October 2nd. This year we are bringing in Peter Stom and Naomi Uyama! For more information see the Facebook event page here


Dance Etiquette

  • We typically change partners every song. Feel free to ask for multiple dances in a row, but don't expect that someone will say yes.
  • Please make an effort to smell nice! Nobody likes to be close to someone who smells bad.
  • It's typical to say thank you to your partner after a dance.
  • Consider bringing along extra shirts or a change of clothes. We all get sweaty!
  • We're always trying to maintain a friendly atmosphere, so let us know if someone makes you uncomfortable so we can help resolve any issues! Please feel free to tell any officer!
  • Please don't try to teach other people on the floor! We have beginner lessons at the start of dances for people to learn. If you want to learn something, consider asking an instructor! We're friendly!
  • Look around you when you are dancing! There are other people dancing nearby, and it’s best to avoid collisions. If you bump into someone, apologize!
  • When you're asking someone to dance, use your words. Don't just try to grab someone!
  • You’re not obligated to accept every invitation to dance, and don’t need an excuse to decline.
  • Aerials and big flashy dips might look really cool, but they're a big risk to your partner and people around you. Please keep the floor safe!

Here is a list of good practices to follow to help us in this mission. If you would like to discuss these, please talk to any of the officers or send us an email.

Contact Us

For inquiries, comments, or business matters, you may contact President Wasi Khatri at the following: