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New SOMA Website  ( Aug 23, 2007):

Hey everybody!  We finally moved to a new site that was easier to edit.  As of this moment Penn State has no ability to load php driven websites onto the club servers.  So Mitch bought the www.psusoma.com domain name, and I bought the webhosting plan.  We're moving out I guess you could say.  So this dusty little appartment of ours will no longer be updated.  Go to www.psusoma.com to see what amazing things SOMA is working on :)

That being said, if anyone finds this archaic old html site, and wonders what happened to the great club called SOMA, use the resources provided here rebuild SOMA.  The Students Organizing the Multiple Arts is/was the greatest thing that ever happened to Penn State University [period].  A group of friends got together to make SOMA in the first place. So whatever is wrong with Penn State as of your reading this, do your best to fix it.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  And for goodness sake-  Keep the music, the art, and the film alive in State College.

Danny Greene

First President and Founder of SOMA


SOMA Local Music Compilation CD + SOMA T-Shirts are in!  ( April 4, 2007):

Hey everybody!  Thanks to all our club members for all your hard work in getting to this point.  The SOMA Local Music Compilation CD is now available.  We'll be selling these along with our t-shirts at all of our events, especially at our Open Mic Night this Tuesday which is our last of the year.  CD's are $5, t-shirts are $10, and you can get both of them for $13.  And they're both incredible.  Check out the roster for the Compilation CD.  Its tops:

The Reagan Eighties
Jeff Kornberg
the Fort Worth Dialect
Danny and the Bygones
The Disconnect
Nodd Morris
Maryjo Mattea
Epileptic Peat
Jimi Jive
The Slant
Rock A Booty
Scream Team
Kick Old Man
This Place is Haunted
Pol sOL
The Only  Exception
Charles Ramsey

Stop by and support SOMA if you can.  Outside of our larger events, we are entirely funded by the events we run.  We are also a no membership dues club.  Basically we only want to provide a service to you, the students.  So here is your chance to help support the local arts.  Oh and thanks to everyone who played and came to this last Saturday's Songwriter Showcase, it was a lot of fun.  Cya the Open Mic Night on Tuesday!  (Its in the West Halls Commons from 9-11- signups are at 7:30).

Danny Greene



Looking for Submissions for SOMA Local Music Compilation CD  ( April 4, 2007):

Got recorded music you want people to hear?  Send it in on CD to SOMA and you might get a chance for it to be on the SOMA Local Music Compilation CD.  Winners receive a few copies of the compilation to sell for themselves, and a chance to have a music video made for them.  For more information please download the submissions form.  You can find the form at:


It is is a Microsoft Word Document.  If you cannot open that type of file and would still like to submit a song to the compilation.  Please email info.soma@gmail.com .  Thanks!  Cya soon :)

*** Please Note:  The deadline for the submission is Friday April the 13th.  Anything later will not be considered ***

Danny Greene



Summary of SOMA Successes  ( April 3, 2007):

Wow, its been a long time since I updated.  So its probably a good time to look back on all the good things we've done this semester.  I'm sure I'll forget something haha:

SOMA's been nominated for the Outstanding Organization of the Year Award from the University
SOMA received another year office space (for fall 07-srping 08)
We've had 3 awesome Open Mic Nights (they will be the first Tuesday of every month from now on!)
We had an Indie/Folk Concert down at Dragon Chaser's
The SOMA/VASA Arts Crawl 2007 was a gigantic success.  So crazy and fun that we're planning on making it an annual event.
We should have t-shirts coming out in the next couple weeks.  The top two designs will be sold.
We our still taking submissions for hte SOMA Local Music Compilation.

So we've really been moving.   Its been a  great year, and largely due to the kick-butt new members we have this year.  Wouldn't be SOMA without ya.  Hope to see all of you at a meeting sometime soon.

Danny Greene



Open Mic, T-shirt Contest, and Local Music Compilation!  ( January 30, 2007):

Hey everybody!  SOMA is really on the move right now.  We've got our first of many open mic nights coming up!  Big thanks goes out to Jason Samlin for getting that up and running and to our sweet PR Team for getting the word out so fast.  Its gonna be a great show.  Here's the info.

SOMA Open Mic NIght
Tuesday, February 6th 2007
9:00pm - 11:00pm
Waring Commons Study Lounge in West Hall

Also, we've got the T-shirt Competition up and running and we need your votes.  Its real simple.  All we need is for you to send us an email  at vote.soma@gmail.com with your favorite pick in the subject heading.  Click here to see the designs and vote!

And lastly, we'll be making a SOMA Local Music Compilation CD with all local artists.  Its gonna be a great chance to promote SOMA, help get music out there, and to raise some funds.  More information will come on that soon.  But if you are interested, please send an email to soma@psu.edu

Danny Greene




So this is the New Year!  ( January 13, 2007):

Hey everybody!  Its gonna be a great year for SOMA.  We've got some great events in planning and idea stages.  This is our chance to prove that SOMA is the home of the most creative events here at Penn State.  I hope to see you all at the first meeting of the year which is Wednesday Jan. 17th (the second day of classes). It will be in the Thomas stairwell at 7:30 as usual, and we'll be stealing a classroom once everyone gets there.  Please look for a poster on the entrances to find what classroom we ended up in.  Please sign up for our mailing list for more up to date news.

Heres a list of wicked sweet events we've got in planning and who to contact if you would like to be involved.  The more help the better the events turn out and the easier they are to run:

1) open mike night (email jms5334@psu.edu and/or cao5021@psu.edu)

2) listening parties (email bwo5000@psu.edu)

3) around the world art show (email jbs5003@psu.edu

4) guitar hero / latenight competition/ fundraiser (email jsh272@psu.edu)

5) SOMA Synthesis- Music Video Festival (email soma@psu.edu)

Danny Greene




Submit your Films for the Student Comedy Extravaganza on November 3rd!  ( Oct 20, 2006):

This event will be on November 3rd in the Alumni Hall during LateNight. It is being hosted by Michael Showalter of Wet Hot American Summer and Stella who will also be performing a small comedy routine himself.  Penn State students will be performing stand-up and musical comedy.  We will also be showing student works of comical/satirical films.  The event is free.  There is no submissions fee.  Interested students can contact SOMA@psu.edu.  Those submitting films can drop off their DVDs in the "Students Organizing the Multiple Arts" mailbox which is at the HUB information desk.

We're still looking for more people that want to do stand-up, and we still need more comedic/satirical films.  Please sign up or submit your stuff before the deadline of Monday October 31 (Halloween).

Danny Greene



First Event of the year was a "Complete Success"  ( Oct 10, 2006):


         Hey everybody!  Thank you all so much to those who came out to our wonderful little acoustic show (all 300+ people).  And thank you so much to you great members of SOMA who helped out before and after the show.  Everyone got to see teh excitement of putting on something excellent.  You can click here for the collegian article written on this event.  You can also click here for the collegian article reviewing Raise Up Roof Beams performance at our show.  Looking forward to seeing what other cool things SOMA comes up with soon! :)


Danny Greene


FREE CONCERT ON THURSDAY plus Comedy Expo etc. ( Oct 5, 2006):

Hey everybody! Got our first great event of the year this Thursday. Here's the info:

This Thursday October 12, 2006 - Doors open at 8:15
Location: West Halls Study Lounge
SOMA Presents: a FREE acoustic concert featuring:
Boys Like Girls of Columbia Records
Koji on the Roof
Raise up Roof Beams
The Minor White

... I'd just like reiterate that this is a FREE concert, that's right FREE. Its also an extremely eclectic mix of local, regional, national bands. Sure to be a great show! If you're in the Penn State area, I hope to seeya there!

And for a tentative list of cool things that are going on with SOMA. We are currently planning:
Monthly / Bi-monthly Listening Parties
Scary Story/ Experimental Music Night around Halloween
and... A Student Stand-up Comedy Expo on November 3rd.

Please come to a meeting or sign up on the mailing list for more information on these events and other great events going on PSU. And for those of you are unsure of what SOMA is, please check out our "Press" section which shares what great things we've been doing here at Penn State! Hope to see you at the show this Friday. Come support original music, art, and film here in PSU!


Danny Greene

President of the Students Organizing the Multiple Arts


Pre-semester Planning & T-shirt Design Competition  ( July 24th, 2006):


         Hey everybody!  Wow, the semester ended with quite a bang.  Our Black & White Artshow was amazing, and our Funk/Psychadelia show before that showed even further what we can do.  Check out the Press Section for information on our previous events.  Thank you to everyone who came out to our shows and to those who helped plan them.  We're looking forward to an even better second year.  And we're always looking for help!  Heres how you can:

1)  Enter the SOMA T-shirt Design Competition  by sending us the image via email at soma@psu.edu.  Prizes will be awarded.

2)  Submit your idea for bands that you'd like to see come to Penn State via our message board.  Think under $10,000 k?

3)  As always sign up to be a member.  Elections will be held at our first meeting, so please send us some info if you'd like to be an officer.  We are in particular looking for a PR chair and a webmaster, but feel free to run for any position.

Danny Greene




We want your Black & White Art!  ( April 13, 2006):


         Hey everybody!  Thanks for coming to SOMA's Funk Psychadelia show.  So many people dancing and having a great time.  Thanks for making that possible.


        Our next and last of the semester is coming up Friday April 21st at Dragon chaser's Emporium from 6-9.  Its not too late to submit your artwork:


Submit artwork on April 17th and 18th.  Look for SOMA table at the HUB from 11-5 pm.  All of
your work will be handled very carefully and all mediums are welcome. Click here for the submission form or pick it up at the table/booth in the HUB on the 17th and 18th

Once again the show info is:
April 21st from 6-9 pm
Dragon Chaser's Emporium
feature a String Quartet
& the SOMA Jazz Ensemble
Coffee and snacks, and YOUR ART

email: Marisa Gjurgevich at mtg5010@psu.edu with any questions


Danny Greene



Funk / Psychedelic Show THIS FRIDAY!!! ( March 28, 2006):


         Hey everybody!  That's right we're having a funk show with psychedelic images this Friday.  Get ready for some grooving.  But before I tell you about all the other cool stuff  that we're working on, here's the show info:


SOMA's FUNK / Psychadelia Concert
ft. Alien Red, The Man, The Junk, & Mr. Domecastle
Friday, March 31
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Schlow Library downtown- only $2!!!

(located on the corner of beaver ave. and allen st.)


Sponsored by the Friends of Schlow Library
Plus Free Monster Energy Drink! compliments of Monster



           I hope to see-ya all there.  Make sure to read the Collegian article in Venues on Thursday.  Also remember that we're having a Black & White Art Show on April 21st.  If you'd like to submit artwork to this event please email soma@psu.edu.  Expect more details on the art show soon.  We are having a T-shirt design competition for next semester.  You can submit those designs (8.5 by 11 please) digitally to soma@psu.edu as well.


            Awesome, well maybe I'll catch-ya at a meeting or at the show on Friday.  Trust me, you're not gonna wanna miss this one.


Danny Greene



Website Update ( March 25, 2006:


         Hey everybody!  Just added a Press Page which includes SOMA's entire Timeline or History with reviews and such not.  Also added some new pictures for ya... We're slowly approaching our one year anniversary  ;)  It sure has been a blast.  


Danny Greene




Open Mic / Open Art Night coming this SATURDAY ( February 6, 2006):


         Hey everybody!  This Saturday (Feb. 11 2006)  we're having an Open Mic / Art Night.  As part of our goal to try new things, we're hoping that you'll bring your artwork, your instrument, your poetry, your comedy, your ghost stories, everything.  Its time to show your friends here at PSU that talent that you've been desiring to show for a while.


        There will be some degree of easels set up for people set up their artwork for people to peruse.  We'll also have a small PA for mostly acoustic performances.  If you're interested in having a bigger setup at the open mike night, give us a ring and we'll try to accommodate.


        Here at SOMA we have a  simple theory:  Get enough talented people in the same room and something cool will happen.  Come check it out:


Open Art Night / Open Mic Night
West Halls Study Lounge





FREE CONCERT!!!!! Wah? Huh? ( Jan. 17, 2006):


         That's right everybody! This Saturday in the HUB Heritage Hall there will be a free concert featuring Apollo Sunshine, Johnny Action Figure, and the Minor White.  Once again heres the info:


Apollo Sunshine in Concert

w/ Johnny Action Figure and the Minor White

in HUB Heritage Hall at 10:00pm

FREE to all PSU Students


            Also, Apollo Sunshine's new album was just ranked #5 in Amazon.com's Top 10 rock albums of 2005.  Also placed as #3 on Entertainment Weekly's MUST LIST, Apollo Sunshine's new album has been called "a beautifully scattered pop album that recalls bits of The Flaming Lips, Ben Folds Five, and The Beatles."


            Johnny Action Figure are a versatile local rock group that is definitely going places.  Expect to see more of them in the future.  The Minor White is a local band composed of mostly Penn State freshman that have recently been putting smiles on the faces of their unwitting audiences with their breed of Wilco-esque piano rock.


            Sooooo.... please come to this show.  Great music, and just by coming you're helping a great cause.  The more people we get at the show, the more often we'll be able to have shows.  If you wanna help out for our next show, come to a meeting an/or sign up on the mailing list.




Website + Photos Update ( January 10, 2006):


         Hey everybody! I updated the website to include all of the photos from our events.  Thanks to Ali Erol for taking those for us.  Great Job!


P.S. We're looking for someone to help us to make additions to the website.  Stuff like finding events around Penn State and putting them on the site.




First Meeting of the New Year ( January 9, 2006):


        Hey everybody! New Year.  New Semester.  SOMA's got its first meeting this Wednesday (11th).  We'll be meeting at the vending machines in Thomas at 7:30.


1) Discuss January 21st FREE HUB Concert ft. Apollo Sunshine, Johnny Action Figure, and the Minor White

2) Discuss the PR of the event

3) Decide what events we want to do this fall

4) Sign up people for the Club Fair


    This is a great time for you to come and check out what SOMA's doing. If you weren't able to make it last semester that's cool, we understand. But if you are so inclined, here's your chance be a more active part of SOMA and have a greater impact here at PSU. And as always, if you can't make it to the meeting, we still value as an important part of SOMA. Make sure you check out the concert on January 21st.




SOMA Lounge Concert this Friday!!! ( Nov. 29, 2005):



    Riding on the success of our last event, SOMA Synthesis, we're having a concert this Friday at Dragon Chaser's Emporium.  Here's the info:

SOMA Lounge Concert
8-11pm @ Dragon Chaser's Emporium
Located behind Qdoba, on Calder way

The Monodrops
Light Cavalry (Formerly known as North)
The H.A.N.S.
Jeff Kornberg

ALSO, there's a meeting this Wednesday (Nov. 30) at 7:30.  We're meeting at the stairwell in Thomas, near the vending machines.


SOMA Synthesis-Thanks to everyone ( Nov. 20, 2005):



    Everyone here at SOMA just wanted to thank everyone that helped to make SOMA Synthesis such a success:

Minor White, Madison Flego & The Man, Chuck Ramsey, Jimi Jive, Epileptic Peat
the Student Film Organization and the film-makers themselves
Prof. Dave Mudgett and Prof. Gerald Santoro and all of IST
of course the SOMA sound and setup crew (ryan, mitch, andrew, justin, adam, chris, and cameron)
...and of course everyone that attended :)

Please come to one of our meetings or drop a note in the message board if you have any suggestions or would like to help in planning future events.



Well done boys and girls ( Nov. 4, 2005):



    Thanks goes out to everyone that either helped at or attended SOMA's first event, it was a fantastic success. You're the best guys.

    Hey and don't forget to submit your films and/or attend SOMA Synthesis on Nov. 19
featuring student films and local music by:
Minor White, Madison Flego & The Man, Chuck Ramsey, Jimi Jive, Epileptic Peat
***Still time to submit films: click here for info***


SOMA getting busy ( October 24, 2005):



    Hey everybody!  Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but as you've read above... we're busy with all the shows coming up.  Here's what you can look forward to (check out the events page for more info):

SOMA's Student Art Exhibition w/ live music featuring Epileptic Peat and the SOMA Jazz Ensemble
7 to 10 at the Dragon Chasers Emporium 209 W Calder Way (located behind Qdoba)

Nov 19:
SOMA Synthesis featuring student films and local music by:
Minor White, Madison Flego & The Man, Chuck Ramsey, Jimi Jive, Epileptic Peat
***Still time to submit films: click here for info***

Dec. 2:
(tenative) Lounge Concert




Art Exhibition coming up! ( October 9, 2005):



    Hey everybody!  We have our first event coming up soon!  So far, its going to be November 4th from 7 to 10 at the Dragon Chasers Emporium 209 W Calder Way (see below for directions). FREE TO ALL

We are accepting Art submissions. To submit art, either bring your art directly to the DRAGON CHASERS EMPORIUM 209 West Calder Way and get a form there, or print the form out ahead by clicking here. Submissions are due Halloween. 

DIRECTIONS --- Its super easy to find and really close to campus, so a short walk to carry your art. It is right behind Qdoba, which is on college ave.  Its the alley behind that.

If you are interested in helping to plan this event further.  Contact the art committee, who is planning this event, via the co-chairs Alex Katos (amk324@psu.edu) or Laura Anderson (laa5001@psu.edu)




Pizza Parties and Concerts ( September 30, 2005 ):



    Hey everybody!  We're have a pizza social on this Wednesday ( October 5) from 5-7pm in the Waring Study Lounge in West.  We're gonna need to know how many people are coming.  Please RSVP using this facebook link or by  sending an email to info.SOMA@gmail.com (less preferable).  You can check out the details and who's coming on the facebook link.  For the admission price of $5 you'll get pizza, breadsticks, drinks, love, and you get to help SOMA get off the ground (pay for concerts and films showings).  So come check it out and meet everybody in SOMA.

(me taking pictures of the Asylum show)

    ALSO the events page has been updated with some pretty cool shows.  I'm letting you know right now.  You'll be sad if you don't make it to the Roustabout show this Monday.  I know I'll probably end up failing my Econ test because of it, but hey-  I've got to way the costs.  Am I going to be more sad missing the show or more sad messing up my Econ test.  Looks like I'm going to the show.  Cya there.




Woo Hoo! Club Fair! ( September 17, 2005 ):



    Hey everybody!  It was good to see so many people excited today at the club fair.  With such good people, I can see things coming around for good ole' PSU.  With your help we can bring good music, film, and artwork back to Penn State.  I hope to see you all at the meeting next Wednesday (Sept. 21st).  We'll be planning an event that is tentatively planned for Nov. 12 or Nov. 19th.  Tentatively.  As in you won't see no music if you don't plan it.  If there's anything I realized about Penn State, it's that you get out of it what you put in. Okay. Okay.  Stop with the morals.

    Anyway, We've got some new events posted for you good people to feast on.  Make sure you go see NRT's first play this weekend (that's Friday and Saturday in the forum building at 8pm).  Wait, what's this?  There's more than one thing to do this weekend?!?!?.  That's right, don't forget about the two day concert at chucks farm.  Check this out at www.chucksfarm.com. Should be good stuff.  Say "Hi" to the hippies for me.




First Meeting of the Year plus a Newspaper Article! ( September 6th, 2005 ):



    The first meeting of the year is next tomorrow at 7:30 outside of the Thomas Building on the grassy area.  We got lots to talk about; it should be fun.  We'll be meeting out on the grass, but once it seems like everyone's arrived we'll most likely claim a room inside.  And yes, we are looking into better ways of meeting. 


    Also we'll be in the Daily Collegian tomorrow, hopefully its all flattering stuff, haha.  Some people still seem to be confused about what and who the hell we are.  Well, tomorrow's your chance to find out.  I hope to see you all there.    :)





You to thank... ( August 29th, 2005 ):



    I wanna point out a super cool event going on at the Crowbar tomorrow at 9PM.  The roustabout is hosting an all ages show there!  Hold fast kiddies, these events are hard to come by.  Great bands, great price, great way to start off the year.  Thanks goes out to Jeff of Roustabout.

    Thanks must also go out to all the amazing SOMA members that helped put up posters today.  The SOMA Street Team is the greatest.  You can find these posters in the photos section.  Come to the meeting on Wednesday the 7th if you want some free of charge to help put up (please only put up posters on post boards.  No businesses unless they like us.  No phone polls.  No strangers.  Anywhere you see other flyers is free game.)

    Remember we meet outside Thomas on the neat grassy area.  We'll most likely migrate into a room once you all arrive.



Welcome Back PSU! ( August 27th, 2005 ):



    Hey everybody!  Hope everybody's enjoying they're stay thus far in good ole' psu.  As good as it Penn State is, it could still be better.  You know what we mean, because, well... you're here at this website.

    And of course, the message board is back and better than ever.  The last one was kinda on the fritz, but this one seems much easier.  Sorry to those who were fervently attached to our last one.

    ***Just a reminder: Our first official meeting is going to be Wednesday the 7th.  This follows our 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month plan.  Hope to see you all there.




New Reviews ( August 21th, 2005 ):



    Hey everybody!  We now have a few reviews in the aptly named "reviews" section.  Expect many more soon.  And if you can't wait, well... write one yourself and send it into us at SOMA@psu.edu.  Cya soon PSU!



MILFS... ( July 31th, 2005 ):



    Hey everybody!  Just added some more events to our events calendar and a few cool pictures to our Photo section...  



First Update ( July 26th, 2005 ):



    Hey everybody!  We created this website for all those at Penn State that wonder what fun, creative, and fresh things are going on at Penn State.  For all those who have been playing in bands their whole lives and have been wondering where all the other bands are at Penn State.  For all those art students that have been dying to share their artwork and who can't because they can't get a panel in the art show (are their even any art shows at Penn State?).  For all those who have made their films and now  just need an audience.  If you're creative in the slightest this is your place.

    Also, this website will be constantly updated with the most current listings of events at Penn State. 


Danny Greene