There are three types of club membership:

Club Member: A club member is one that participates in the club actively, showing support for the club. This is more for a recreational skater or one who wishes not to compete.

Team Member: A team member is one that participates in the club actively, showing support for the club and attending most activities, preferably all activities (ie, fundraisers, club gatherings, club sessions). Team members are for the competitive skaters who wish to take part in the Intercollegiate competitions. Even if you would like to compete in only one competition, you must be a team member. See requirements for the Penn State Figure Skating Team.

Associate Members: An associate member is any other person who would like to be a part of the Student Skating Club, but is not a student at PSU. Associate members must be approved by the officers. However, they are not allowed to vote or compete with the club. Associate members pay the non-student rate, and can receive a discount for payment of the semester in full

All members of the Student Ice Skating Club are expected to adhere to the USFSA code of ethics. The officers of the club retain the right to refuse club membership to any individual who does not abid by this rule. If at any point during the semester your membership is terminated, the board reserves the right to withhold a refund.

Practice Ice

Practices will be held every Monday night of the semester from 9-10pm, on the main ice sheet at the Penn State Ice Pavilion. Each session must be paid for in advance. Different payment systems have been established to provide easy collection of dues.

Full Payment: If you pay for all Mondays of the semester, the ice time costs $9 per hour, giving you a discount of $2 per session. There are no refunds for missed sessions.

Per Session Payment: You pay the regular price of $11 per session before the session to the treasurer. If the treasurer is not at the session, then money should be given to another club officer.