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Mentor Program

The SHRM Mentor Program is a great way for students to learn more about the HR field. Students and local HR professionals are matched based on the career goals and interests of the student. They meet to discuss any human resource related topics. Mentors can take students to meetings, show them some of their daily work assignments, or just talk in general about a career in human resources.

This program benefits both mentors and students. Students receive guidance and advice from their mentors who are sharing their personal experiences. Mentors also offer students a glimpse of a real world HR job. Mentors are contributing to the professional development of the future HR workforce. They are also giving something back to the profession.

For this program to be successful we need both students and HR professionals to be involved. We need professionals who are willing to share some time, advice, and experiences, and students who are truly interested in learning about this field.

Interested students should fill out the attached form and return it through e-mail to Carly Marano, the Mentor Program Chair.

If you are a professional in Centre County interested in mentoring a student, please e-mail Carla Marano, the Mentor Program Chair.

We're looking forward to hearing from everyone!