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East Coast Collegiate Karate Union(ECCKU) Tournaments are held on Saturdays throughout the school year. All members of collegiate clubs are welcome to compete, including beginner and intermediate students. Competitions consist of individual kata and kumite sections, plus team events. Beginners and intermediate students perform kihon ippon kumite, or basic one step sparring. Advanced students (brown and black belts) perform shobu ippon kumite, or a scored free sparring match. The emphasis in tournaments is to train hard leading up to a competition and perform at a personal best for the tournament - it doesn't matter whether you win or lose because we simply see it as extra training!

Penn State Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair is held in the HUB Alumni Hall during the Fall and Spring semesters. The fair is a great way to generate interest in the Shotokan Club and get more folks into karate training. The fair usually runs about 5 hours, but volunteers from the club only need to help at the table when they are available - even an hour's work is appreciated! All you have to do is keep each other company at the Shotokan table, hand out a few flyers to advertise the club, and explain what our karate training is like to curious students. You don't have to be highly experienced to help out - often a beginner can provide the best insight into what the club will be like for a prospective member. Come support the club, help spread Shotokan karate, and get new faces in to train with!

Collegiate Camp

Collegiate camp is a great training opportunity at low cost. It consists of a weekend of training with other collegiate club members under some of the highest ranking instructors involved in the ECCKU (6th and 7th dans with about 30-40 years of karate experience). The weekend finishes with a collegiate tournament on Sunday afternoon. The cost for the weekend is usually about $5 to cover pizza after the tournament, plus any travel expenses.

Master Camp/Fall Camp

Master Camp is a phenomenal training opportunity in early June each year. Every year, ISKF brings in famous overseas instructors that represent the most experienced living Shotokan exponents from around the world. Recent guest instructors have included Senseis Ochi(Germany) and Kanazawa(Japan), and each year the ISKF region heads and Sensei Okazaki return to instruct as well. Fall Camp is a regional version of Master camp with the highest ranked instructors from the East Coast, including Sensei Okazaki, plus many excellent 6th and 7th dan instructors from our region. "Campers" spend their time in intense training(3 per day) living in rustic cabins and eating at a communal mess hall at a summer camp north of Philadelphia, PA. These camps can are a fun experience and a great boost to your karate training!

Beginner Days

Beginner days are scheduled at the beginning of each semester to acclimate new members or any interested students to what karate training is all about. Each Beginner Days session starts with a demonstration of the core elements of karate training, followed by a basic lesson catered to novice karate students. We encourage prospective members to attend a Beginner Days session to get a feel for karate training and get a smooth start in the training sessions, but anyone can join the club at any point during the semester.

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