About Ali Ali-Raisi

Seminar December 3 and 4, 2011

A few things about Ali:

He's a grad student at the University of Rochester. He is the only Karateka in his country to win nationals in Kata and Kumite and he won Kumite in both his weight class and the open weight division. He won first place more than 100 times in his martial arts competition career, which has been only six years long. These achievements were in Karate, point fighting, Korean forms, Kata and Kumite, weapon forms and some other disciplines. He won 3rd place in the NBL world championships in Korean forms and point fighting in 2009. He won the Arnold Schwarzenegger classics many times. He never lost a fight in the ISKF collegiate league. He helped coach the Omani national team in Kata and fighting. He won a silver medal at the Dubai cup open a few years ago.

Ali's philosophy on karate:

"I truly love karate, especially kata. Through practicing you forms day in, day out you start to understand and see many things that you have not noticed before. Things that you can not be taught but anyone, things that you can only learn by spending endless hours trying to better your skills. And only through that you can achieve perfection of character. While trying to perfect your technique by endless repetition you start to perfect your character, through perseverance and patience. I don't believe that ranking and belts reflects how good you are of a martial artist. I passed my 2nd Dan test (from the JKA) few years ago and I did not pick my certificate up till today. I don't really care for belts and ranks. Unfortunately, nowadays that is what most people care about. It became about the belt not about karate. They have forgotten that it is not about the end but more about the journey that you will achieve perfection or character, faithfulness, endeavoring, respecting of others, refraining from violent behavior."

Here's a video of a few of Ali's karate highlights:


Here are clips of the type of competitions Ali has been in:



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