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Created: 10/25/2013
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Fall 2013 Training Schedule
Time Location
Monday 7 PM - 9 PM

132 White Building

Wednesday 7 PM - 9 PM 132 White Building
Thursday 8 PM - 10 PM 133 White Building
Sunday 5 PM -7 PM 133 White Building


Hey guys!

1) Training Schedule and 2013-2014 Participation Waivers
2) Updated Cards and Certificates
3) Interest in Training at Honbu?
4) Upcoming Events
     a) Belt Test **Note that the belt test is being rescheduled to sometime in November. 
     b) National Championships (S,Y Nov 16-17)
     c) Face Painting Fundraisers (throughout football season)
5) Listserve
1) Our next training tonight-W 7-9 pm 132 White.
You are more than welcome to participate and/or just observe.  Bring your gi and obi if you want to, but workout clothes will work just fine.

Please bring a filled out 2013-2014 participation waiver: http://www.athletics.psu.edu/recreation/media/13-14_Participation_Agreement.pdf
But more importantly, please bring a copy or hard copy of your insurance card.

2) Updated cards and certificates:

For all of you who tested on 4/20/13, I have your updated ISKF membership cards (blue) and testing certificates!  You will receive them at practice, or when I see you on campus. 

Anybody who doesn't have an updated ISKF membership card and wants to participate in ISKF tournaments, camps, or belt tests, please email me that you want a card ASAP!

3) Interest in Training at Honbu?

Please let me know if you have any interest at training at Honbu on any friday or saturday (except tournament/camp weekends), if you can drive, and what times you can leave and need to be back at Penn State.

Usual times:
F: 6-8 pm
S: 11am-12:30 pm
Honbu is the ISKF Headquarters and Master Okazaki's dojo:
222 South 45th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 U.S.A.

Chairman & Chief Instructor:
Teruyuki Okazaki, 10th Dan
Qualified Instructor/Examiner:
Carl Shaw, 8th Dan
Hiroyoshi Okazaki, 7th Dan
Norman Axe, 7th Dan
Willie Walker, 7th Dan
Takamichi Maeshima, 6th Dan
Executive Administrator:
Lois Luzi, 6th Dan
Assistant Instructor/Trainee:
Dwain Vaughns, 5th Dan
George Chandler, 5th Dan
Tony Cuffie, 3rd Dan

4) Upcoming Events

**Please let me know if you would like to Penn State to host a collegiate tournament and/or camp, and your preferred weekend date(s) between January 24-April 27.

A message from ISKF headquarters:

"We really want to try to get a good showing this year for Okazaki Shihan since the East Coast did not have a good participation rate this year at Master Camp. Also, to get together with all of our East Coast friends is always a good excuse. Okazaki Shihan really values Fall Camp to be with all of you, please do the same for him.

We hope to see all of you and your members at Fall Camp this year.

Thank you,
ISKF Headquarters"

Packet info link: http://www.iskf.com/images/2013%20EC%20FC%20BROCHUA.pdf
c) Belt Test-Williamsport, PA: November

Please let me know ASAP if you are considering or sure about participating at the belt test. 

To test, you need an updated blue ISKF membership card, so let me know if I need to get you one.

d) 35th Annual ISKF/US National Karate Championships-Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, OH: November 16-17

We will shoot to leave Penn State on R Nov 14 or early F Nov 15

-Let me know if you want to compete asap and what division, whether you can drive, and what time you can leave for Ohio (preferably Thursday)

-All gas payments will be reimbursed by the club

-Let me know if you need a letter to be excused from class, and the name of the professor

-Let me know if you are interested in conditioning sessions and/or competition team trainings

-if you have warmup/t-shirt design ideas, email Kyle: kxs5353@psu.edu

-if you have additional fundraiser ideas, email Santiago: sep5246@psu.edu

Packet info link:

e) Face Painting Fundraisers at Penn State Football Games!

-Please email Santiago (sep5246@psu.edu), what home games you are willing to help out with!

5) Listserve Issues

If you have friends who wants to be added to the listserve, please have them email: mgv5030@psu.edu

If you want to be removed from the listserve, please do not email us and go here: http://onwardstate.com/2011/09/16/getting-off-listservs/

Thank you and see you at training soon!


The site is in the process of being overhauled (as of Fall 2013), so stay tuned for updates!

A page was added for dojo etiquette. Make sure to follow the rules of the dojo!

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Again, welcome to the Penn State Shotokan Club. In the coming days, weeks, months, and for the most dedicated among you, years, you will learn much about yourself and about Karate, and you'll have fun in the process. If you take the chance, if you make the effort, if you stick with it, Shotokan Karate can make you a healthier, stronger, more patient and more confident person.

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