PSU Racquetball

Penn State Racquetball Club and Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I sign up for Club Racquetball?
A: Come to any of our club times below and we'll get you signed  up.

Q: When/Where do you have club times.
A: We have reserved the wooden courts at Rec Hall from 6pm - 8pm on Tuesdays, 6pm - 8pm on Thursdays, and 12pm - 2pm on Sundays.

Q: How do the rankings work?
A: At the beginning of the year we hold a seeding tournament, which determines your ranking. You can then challenge up the ladder. See the Challenging tab.

Q: Who get’s to play in the tournaments?
A: The top 8 guys and top 8 girls have the first choice to travel to tournaments. If some of the top 8 can’t travel then we work our way down the ladder.