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New poll results are in!

Out of 9 Republican candidates, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney are the tied winners of the YAF straw poll, both with 25% of the vote. Ron Paul was runner-up at 22%. Here are the results:

Cain                                        25%
Romney                                 25%
Paul                                        22%
Santorum                              14%
Johnson                                 4%
Gingrich                                 4%
Perry                                      4%
Bachmann                              2%
Huntsman                              0%


YAF is front-page material

Photo coming soon. In the mean time, check out this one from The Daily Collegian and these from (1, 2 and 3) Onward State.

Our Rally for Affordable Energy made the front page of The Daily Collegian; our Rally attracted attention from The Centre Daily Times, Onward State, The Altoona Mirror, PoliticsPA and even The India Times!

Poll results are in!

Out of 15 Republican candidates, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul are the tied winners of the YAF straw poll, both with 19% of the vote. Mike Huckabee was a close second at 17%. Here are the results:

Palin                    19%
Paul                     19%
Huckabee            17%
Romney               15%
Giuliani                  9%
Santorum              6%
Daniels                   6%
Pence                     2%
Barbour                 2%
Gingrich                 2%
Johnson                  2%
Pawlenty                2%
Cain                         0%
Bolton                     0%
Thune                     0%


PS-YAF won Chapter of the Year at the 19th Bienniel Convention!

YAF made the front page this week!

The 9/11 Memorial was a triumph!

Over 125 attended to pay their respects! Pictures will be posted shortly.

The Congressman's Speech was fantastic!

See YAF's CPAC speech!

The Rally for Academic Integrity was...

Climategate Rally

a huge success!

Almost 100 students, residents and community leaders were in attendance! This was, by far, the largest piece of conservative activism on campus this year.

For background on Climategate, see our articles on CampusReform and RedState!