About Kendo

About Kendo and the Club

Kendo (剣道), or "way of the sword", is the Japanese martial art of fencing. It developed from the traditional swordsmanship called kenjutsu. Practitioners of kendo wear traditionally styled clothing (gi) and protective armor (bogu) and fight using one (and sometimes two) swords made of bamboo (shinai). Though kendo is called Japanese-style fencing, it is fundamentally different in its movements and the handling of the sword. More information on kendo can be found at the sites on the Links page, accessible from the menu above.

Founded in the 2008 spring semester, the kendo club strives to teach the ancient techniques of Japanese swordfighting to students of Pennsylvania State University and residents of State College. Some members seek rank and the knowledge that comes with it, buying bogu armor, signing up with kendo federations of the United States, and fighting in tournaments. Other members merely seek the self-discipline and self-betterment found through a martial art. Regardless of purpose or skill, each kendo-ka, or kendo practitioner, joins to fulfill an inner desire and greater purpose.

The Penn State Kendo Club is directly affiliated with the Ken Wa Kan dojo and is led by qualified instructors that help move it forward, both of whom are members of sanctioned dojos in their organizations: Mr. Vincent Lan, a 6-dan, and Dr. Bruce Gingrich, a 4-dan. Both are instructors at the Ken Wa Kan dojo and are members of the EUSKF/AUSKF.

The current officers on the executive board are: Timothy Brubaker (President), Hyerin Kim (Vice President), Greg Proulx (Secretary/Safety Officer), Eric Graffi (Treasurer), and Christopher Dilks (Webmaster).

See some videos of our kendo on our YouTube Channel.

Practice Times

Monday, 8:30-10:30 P.M.

    in 106 White

Wednesday, 8:30-10:30 P.M.

    in 106 White

Saturday, 12-2 P.M.

    in 106 White