All club members are welcome to attend these meetings. Your ideas and opinions are greatly appreciated.
   Week 4/24/2016 - 4/30/2016

Spring 2016 Schedule
  • Anime Viewings Night
    Tuesday, Apr. 25th - 7:30pm
    Waring Commons Classroom @ West Halls

    Join us for Senior Picks Night! We'll be showing anime series and specific episodes recommended by our own graduating members! Join us and celebrate their graduation! Featuring: ~~Total secrecy~~

  • Gaming Night
    Wednesday, Apr. 26th - 8:00pm
    Pollock Commons Recreation Lounge

    Come to Pollock Commons and hang out with friends this Wednesday! There are video games, board games, card games (motorcycles prohibited) and more! Sometimes, there are even tournaments with glamorous prizes!

  • Manga Night & Cosplay Workshop
    Friday, Apr. 29th - 7:00PM
    Outside our office, 306 HUB

    End the week in a relaxing and artsy environment! We have an entire manga library to read from, but mostly it's a night of social interactions with fellow club members. Highly suggested that you bring your laptop, and sketch books are encouraged too for all our club artists!

    The end of the semester is almost here, and the last official manga night is this week. Join us to see off graduating seniors, and to wish your friends a good, relaxing summer wherever they may be going. We cry evertiem.

  • Executive/General Club Meeting
    Friday, Apr. 29th - 7:00pm
    107 HUB

    PSAO's general executive meeting is open to all. If you have questions or concerns about the club's operation, or you just would like to listen to what's going on and plans for the future, come sit in on our executive meeting!

All dates are subject to change. Check the email newsletter for any variances to the dates and times. If you do not receive the weekly newsletter, please contact our secretary at to be added to our listserv. Thank you. ~Webmaster

About Scheduling
The PSAO is dedicated to providing our members with multiple genres of anime to watch, both new and old. Above is the general weekly schedule created by the club's executive board. If there is an anime that you would like the club to screen, please let the executives know. If it hasn't been shown recently, it can probably be added to the schedule. We need and love feedback!