Have a question? You can look below on our FAQ list for the answer. If you can't find the answer you seek, just email an executive board member. We're all happy to help!

Who are we?
The Penn State Anime/Manga/Dance Dance Revolution Organization is devoted to promoting the enjoyment and understanding of Japanese animation and comics, as well as Japanese pop culture in general. To find out more about anime or manga, please visit our Anime/Manga 101 page. To find out more about Dance Dance Revolution, please visit our DDR page.

How often do you meet?
The PSAO meets once a week regularly (usually on a Tuesday). In addition to our weekly meetings, we try to arrange other "extra" club activities several times a month, such as providing DDR on Wednesdays or having cosplay workshops on the Weekend. One day per month, typically on a weekend, the club holds an anime marathon where we show an entire series cover to cover. Check out the schedule page for exact meeting times during the semester.

How many members do you have?
The PSAO normally boasts an overall membership of over 200 current students (as indicated through our Listserv). Active attendance tends to vary throughout the year. There can be as many as 80, and as few as 30 of our members present at any given meeting.

How do I become an active member?
To become an active member of the PSAO, simply come to a minimum of three meetings per semester. At your third meeting, you will be given a membership card and will become eligible for discounts at The Comic Swap in downtown State College. Active members must be undergraduate students attending Penn State University Park.

If I'm not an executive, can I still come to the weekly executive meetings?
As long as an executive meeting is not specified as closed, yes, you can! Always remember that the PSAO is not the executives' club -- it is a club for any Penn State students interested in anime and manga. The executives simply maintain club operations, ensuring that the club can continue to exist. If you have an issue that you would like to bring to the executives' attention, a regular executive meeting is a great place to bring that issue up because instant discussion should commence. Remember, we love feedback! And if you just want to come to the meetings to meet us and see how the club is run, you can do that too.
An important note: closed meetings only occur when the executive board has something serious to discuss or needs to get a lot of work done quickly (on average, they occur once or twice a semester). Also, PSAO members wishing to run for an executive office -- especially those wanting to become alternates -- will be greatly served by coming to executive meetings.

How much does it cost to become a member of the PSAO?
The PSAO prides itself on being an accessible outlet for Japanese pop culture at Penn State University Park. We do not charge membership dues...watching anime at all PSAO meetings is completely FREE! We love donations, though -- they help us afford anime and manga for the club's library. Plus, for a $2 donation, you can receive Pocky or Yan Yan (Japanese snacks) in return!

I don't know all that much about anime or manga -- does that put me at any sort of disadvantage?
Not at all! Our members come from all different levels of familiarity with anime and manga. Some have only seen what's been released on Cartoon Network, while others have seen everything ever done...you'll be right at home! If you've had absolutely no exposure to anime or manga, please feel free to go to our Anime/Manga 101 page and learn more!

Anime is Japanese...do you show it in English?
With very few exceptions, the PSAO shows all of our anime subbed, or subtitled in English. On rare occasions (read: almost never) we show anime dubbed -- the original Japanese track has been "duplicated" in English and replaced so that it can be watched without the use of subtitles. Most club members would agree that watching anime in its original form, at least the first time around, is a far more enjoyable experience. (Of course, watching that Initial D dub near the end of one meeting was pretty funny, too...)

Do you show fansubs?
The answer is no. Because fansubs are not legal copies, the club would get promptly disbanded if it was to show such material at an official meeting. It is obvious that the club has no say in what its members watch outside of meetings; however, the club's official stance on fansubs is a negative one. (For those who don't know, fansubs are unofficial subtitled versions of anime shows, usually fan-produced online.)

How does the club decide what to watch?
The PSAO Viewings Committee decides what to watch each semester. However, if there is a show or a movie that you are dying to see, come and tell us -- we'll do our best to get it on the schedule (as long as it hasn't been shown in recent history), especially if lots of people want to see it.

Is it true that PSAO members get a discount at The Comic Swap downtown...?
No, unfortunately, this discount is no longer available to us.

What about anime conventions? Cosplay? DDR?
Information on cons and cosplay will soon be coming to the site. Until then, please attend PSAO meetings or email the executives for more information! As for DDR, the PSAO officially added the game into our club purpose last year. For more information about Dance Dance Revolution, please check out our DDR page.

The PSAO prides itself in having both a diverse member body and executive board. The club is proud to uphold its constitutional promise of not discriminating against anyone due to race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, et.al. To read the club's constitution, please click here.

Who can I talk to for more information about the club?
You can email any of our executive officers for more information on the club. Any of us would be happy to assist you!

The club sounds cool...what next?
Check out the schedule page and show up at a meeting! If the schedule page isn't current, feel free to email any member of the executive board...we can tell you where to find us next. You can also add yourself to our mailing list, which reminds members of our weekly meetings, if you like.