Club Librarians:

Matt Mahoney -

John Hall

Luis Torres

The PSAO library and lending network currently have the following anime titles available to borrow. The majority are available on DVD format; some are on VHS, but they are marked appropriately. If you are an active member of the PSAO (three meetings per semester or more) and have chosen to participate in the lending network, you are welcome to contact one of the club librarians via the links above and request a title. They can tell you how many volumes of the series are available, and also who you can lend it from. Of course, this service comes at no cost whatsoever to please use it! Happy anime watching!

Note: The list is updated near the beginning of every semester; new titles are added and those no longer available are taken away. Also, if you cannot find a title in the list for whatever reason, you might want to look multiple places (ex. Evangelion = Neon Genesis Evangelion) or use the "Find" command in your browser.

List Last Updated: January 18, 2011