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Spring Showcase 2014


Auditions for the 2015-2016 year were a success! Orchesis welcomed 11 amazingly talented members to the company!

Auditions for the 2016-2017 Company will be held within the first few weeks of the Fall 2016 semester.

Keep checking back for updated information about dates and times!

If you would like your name added to a contact sheet to receive audtion info, please contact Marin Merge (orchesispsu@gmail.com)

Audition procedure:

Orchesis auditions are held annually at the beginning of the fall semester. We look for advanced dancers in ballet, modern, and jazz who will contribute unique qualities to the company.  Members should be prepared for a year-long commitment to the company.

Auditions are a two-fold process.  In the first round, prospective members participate in technique class and must perform a combination in a style of their choice (either ballet, jazz, or modern).  These combinations are supplied by the current officers.  There is no need to prepare a solo piece.

In the second round of auditions, prospective members learn short jazz, ballet and modern combinations, and are required to perform each of these pieces. They are judged according to their technical skill, performance and style.

The company members for the upcoming year are chosen by Orchesis advisers and officers. The officers are the only guaranteed members, therefore all other company members are required to audition each year. 

Please contact Marin Merge (orchesispsu@gmail.com) with any questions about auditions!

Spring Showcase 2014