The Lion Walk

Description: small groups of students, police officers, and senior university and borough officials walk through neighborhoods where there is a mix of student and permanent State College residents to distribute information packets. This event encourages both student and permanent residents to be good neighbors and build better neighborhoods. This year's event focused on a "Party Smart" theme.

Commuter Connection 

Description: First-year students commuting from home or living off-campus, students that changed campus and new Adult Learners are invited to this event to meet other commuting students, learn tips for college success and how to adapt to the University Park community. The OCSU president spoke to a group of students about the importance of getting involved in the University community. 

Homles Foster Potluck

Description: Students engage in interactive activities with the permanent residents, play games, and connect with them. This event helps to establish a better connection between the student community and the permanent residents of the State College community. This years event so increased attendance from both permanent residents and students.

Alcohol, Parties and the Law

Description: Lawyer C.L. Lindsay gives a lecture about partying and the law. Students are presented with information about how to keep their parties legal, a pre-party checklist to make sure neighbors are not bothered by the party, and how to interact with police officers if they do arrive. 

The Community Resource Fair

Description: Borough resources are made accessible to students and permanent residents who may not be accustomed to using these resources. The Off-Campus Student Union helps distribute information.  


Description: The largest student-run philanthropy in the world, that raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer. The Off-Campus Student Union raised over $4000 last year and is looking to exceed that total in the 2013 Thon season. 

Housing Fair 

Description: Event that provides students with information on all resources and available living options for those interested in Off-campis living. Various landlords and realty agencies are showcased in the HUB's Alumni Hall. Over a thousand students and parents participated in this year's event. 

Borough Forum

Description: Event in which students engage in conversation with borough officials. Students have the opportunity to ask officials questions and discuss important issues occurring in the State College area that affects both students and permanent residents.

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