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NOMMO loves the opportunity to share our drum & dance with the community using dance and music as an educational tool to teach the world the realities of the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

We have a large repertoire of performances ranging from celebratory to ritualistic dances. There are also dances of old legends and folktales that are great representations of the various communities of South and West Africa.
All performances are to be booked 3 weeks in advance.

Step 1: Review Booking Information
Step 2: Download the Contract
Step 3: Send completed contract as an attachment to
Step 4: Include any questions in the body of the email.  Further instructions will be given after the contract sheet is reviewed.

For additional information please contact Evonna at  
Price Schedule for a Basic Performance

A Basic performance includes dancers & drummers.  

Within a 10 mile radius of State College

15 minutes  --  $150.00
30 minutes  --  $300.00

Outside a 10 mile radius of State College

Additional fee required for transportation, meals, and lodging.

Prices are Negotiable

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