Meeting Minutes

This page contains the most current minutes sent out by our club's secretary. If you miss a meeting for any reason and want to get the minutes you can allways come here. Also the minutes are sent out every week via. the list serve.

October 12st, 2013

Salutations, Fellow NCSers!
To make up for last week's minutes, I've decided to make this week's a bit more...C O L O R F U L !
I'm sure that many of you have a lot of tests coming because of the upcoming break. So I'm going to start this week's meeting minutes with a nice little story to cheer you guys up!
There once was a famous chemist,
but this man is no more,
For what he though was H20,
Was H2S04.
I guess you could call it...die-hydrogen monoxide.

Ahem. Now onto more important matters.

*Things To Remember for The Next Meeting*
1) We will be meeting on Tuesdays at 7pm at 103 Biobehavioral Health Building (BBH).
2) Exploration-U! Our table will have two parts: Dippin Dots with liquid nitrogen and unveiling secret messages with cabbage juice. Reminder for those who signed up to go: we are meeting at the Whitmore loading dock at 4:30pm. Please be on time! (Wear one of your chem dept t-shirts if you can) If you didn't get to sign up and would like to go, we still have some room. Please email Taylor ( ASAP if you want to come.

3) Movie Night! Next week, to take a break, we will be having a sci-fi movie night instead of our regular meeting on Tuesday. Movie and location TBD, but we plan to start at 7pm.

4) Eberly College of Science Formal! ECOS Formal- We're getting a group together to go to the ECOS formal together. The formal is a great opportunity to meet students in other science majors/clubs and will be Dec 6th from 7:30-10:30pm. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by emailing Sarah Rhodes ( See the attached flyer for more details.

5) HUB LateNight! We'll be making Dippin' Dots for HUB LateNight soon. The tentative date is Dec 6 from 10pm-12am. More details to come.

That's All The News You Need For Now!
Keep Going Strong! Ten Days Until Break!
~Sandra G.

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