Thanks for your interest in the Nittany Chemical Society.  One of the easiest ways to get infromation about upcoming meetings and events is to join our list serve and our Facebook Group. If you are interested in joing just join the facbook group add your self to the list serve and come to the next meeting. There are no applications or requiremnts, just stop by on a tuesday night!

How to Join the List Serve:

    To Join: New subscribers can join by sending mail to No subject or message text should be included in the message. The system will pick up your name and email address from the e-mail header.

    To Unsubscribe: You can also delete yourself from the list serve by simply sending mail to Again, no subject or message should be included in the message.

    To Send Mail to the Club: If you have a message you would like to send to the whole club, adressing mail to will send your message to everyone on the list serve.

    To Modify Your Settings: You can manage your list settings with a web browser or with e-mail. For the web, go to


Also, if you have any problems with the list serve or mass communication feel free to email the webmaster at, I usally pick up email about 10 minutes after they are sent so help will arive quickly!

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