Wondering about life and classes at Penn State? Interested in going to med school? Grad school? Getting a job in a science-related field after your undergraduate work? How about doing research while you're here at Penn State UPark? Want to meet some people in chemistry that have already been there, done that, and are willing to help you learn the ropes? What about showing kids how cool science can be?

The Nittany Chemical Society might just right for you. Some of our mainstream activities include:

Science Wish (THON)! The annual Halloween Magic Show! Exploration Day! American Wizard!
Student-faculty socials! Eating pizza at meetings! Designing t-shirts! Attending local American Chemical Society meetings!
Faculty lectures! Community service! Speakers on undergraduate research! Having fun!

All students are welcome in the NCS NO MATTER WHAT YOUR MAJOR.

The Nittany Chemical Society does ask that each member pay dues of $5 per semester. This helps pay for for activites and for the materials we use in our demonstrations to the public.

For more information regarding joining or anything chemistry related please contact one of the officers.


Also, remember kids, don't try this at home. We're what most would call....experts. Our years of experience keep us safe.

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