NCS Documents

Our 2004-05 president (George Chriss) produced a number of .pdf files that are useful for our members and those wishing to know more about us.  Following is are links to these files as well as a short description.

Revised Constitution:  A re-written and somewhat modernized our 1983 club constitution.  Various University policies have changed, making a new constitution necessary.  Check it out and many any new suggestions.

1983 Constitution:  This constitution is very old, but it is the first one for the club.

NCS New Logo: This is the newest, but hopefully we will have an even newer logo soon.

NCS ACS 2004 Report:  Every year, NCS is supposed to report back to the ACS on our activities.  This puts us up for various awards and serves as a record of our club. The 2005 Report is coming soon...

Membership Form: Do you want to be a NCS member?  Fill out the membership form, and give it to an officer.

Volunteer Sheet: This form will help members keep track of who helped out and when.


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