Welcome to the Nittany Chemical Society's webpage! The Nitany Chemical Society (NCS) is a student affiliate organization of the American Chemical Society here at Penn State University Park. The club consists of students with an interest in chemistry. Most of our members come from Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, and Toxicology majors. Please note thought that all majors are always welcome to join! Please make sure to keeping checking out our website and e-mail one of the officers if you ever have any questions.

    Tuesday's at 6:00pm in 103 Osmand

Note that there may be times when we are meeting in a different location check the website to stay posted!

Upcoming Events:
    -Think Outside the Beaker, Oct. 13, 4pm - 5:15pm, Location: TBA

    -Exploaration U, Details: TBA

    -Halloween Demo Show, October 19, 6pm, Location: 119 Osmand

                                    Important Club Anoncuments:
-Facebook Group, have you joined yet?

                                           Chemistry Joke of Week:
What does a subatomic duck say? Quark

                                  Cool Featured Chemistry Websites:

American Chemical Society Check out the officle American Chemical Society Website!

Chemsitry Demo's:
MIT Open Course Ware Demo's
Index of Chemistry Demo's
Kent's Vedio Demo's
Flinn Science Demo's

Sizzling Organic Chemistry Dramas Want some reaction mechanisms that read more like an episode from General Hospital than your dry textbook? This is the site for you.

Chemistry Cat Meme Generator Have a prime chesmitry meme you just have to make? Dont worry NCS has you covered just use the chemistry cat meme generator.

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