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September's Mock Minute

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September 2012's Mock Minute is now available: Mock Newsletter 1 - September 2012! Keep up to date with all things Mock Trial, from our Fall intermurals, invitationals and HVI to events and the new exec board. If you want something featured in the next edition of the Mock Minute, please send it to

Throwback pictures and more alumni information!

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With this year's mock trial season well underway, it's always nice to take a step back and remember the past. This being said, check out the photo album (below) of pictures from 1999-2000, as provided to us by alum Michael A. Stein. 


To see the rest of the pictures, CLICK HERE.

Also, a newsletter containing all the information about PSU Mock Trial's recent happenings and upcoming events is forthcoming.

Keep in mind the annual Alumni Hayride will take place on Friday, October 19th. If you're interested in judging our Happy Valley Invitational (Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st) and haven't signed up yet, CLICK HERE. It is the goal of this year's executive board to make a serious effort re-connect with alumni. Thus, if you are an alumni and you have any pictures/anecdotes/materials from your time in PSU Mock Trial, please contact us at!
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