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Weekend Update - 12/5

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This past weekend, the final Penn State stacked teams ("B" + "D") competed at the Yale Invitational in New Haven, CT. This marked the end of our fall invitational season. Results are as followed*:

Yale Invitational (New Haven, CT)

Team "B" (pictured above)
Team Record: 8-4; 3rd Place - Top Division*
Individual Award(s): Noah Simmons, Attorney (23Δ*).

Team "D"
Team Record: 5-5-2; 7th Place - Lower Division*
Individual Award(s): Perri Atkinson, Witness (25π*).

* Note that every round has three scoring judges. Thus, every round was out of three (12 total ballots) and ranks were out of 30.

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With the 3rd place finish from the "B" stacked team, that marks the sixth top finish (UMass 8th; Yale 3rd; Tufts 5th; Pitt 2nd; W&J 2nd; Colgate 4th) for the PSUMT organization this fall, its best in recent history. (See how PSU ranks compared to the rest of the country here.)

PSUMT's four AMTA teams will be selected this Friday. After that, the teams will begin preparing for the Regional Competitions in Buffalo, NY and Pittsburgh, PA.

Congratulations to all members on a very successful fall!

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