Penn State Math Club

Spring 2007 Schedule

Minutes Speaker Topic
Jan 29 Kyle Retallick Welcome Back!
Feb 5 Robert Kahn Energy Driven Pattern Formation
Feb 12 Tom Rushton How to win the Math Club Tic-Tac-Toe (but really Rock, Paper, Scissors) Tournament.
Feb 19 Leonid Vaserstein Diophantine Equations
Feb 26 Sergei Tabachnikov Poncelet Porism, old and new
Mar 5 (none) Pi Day Party! (Good Will Hunting)
Mar 12 (none) No Meeting: Spring Break
Mar 19 James Sellers Pell Numbers
Mar 26 Leonid Vaserstein Games
Apr 2 Anna Mazzucato Shannon Sampling Theorem
Apr 9 Kyle Retallick Officer Elections
Apr 16 Xiantao Li Molecular Dynamics
Apr 23 Diane Henderson Extreme Waves: the mathematics of tsunamis and rogue waves
Apr 30 (none) Movie

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