Penn State Math Club

Archive - Fall 2005 Schedule

Date Event
Sept 12 First meeting of the semester! Minutes
Sept 19 Dr. George Andrews will speak about the state of mathematics education. Minutes
Sept 26 Dr. James Sellers will speak about partitions and compositions. Minutes
Oct 3 Dr. Gary Mullen will speak on candidates for the Next Fermat Problem.
Oct 10 Our club president Mike Springer will be giving a presentation on the mathematics of sudoku puzzles.
Oct 17 Dr. Sergei Tabachnikov will speak about the MASS program. Minutes
Oct 24 Dr. John Roe will be speaking about Even and Odd. Minutes
Oct 31 Halloween! - NO MONDAY MEETING.
We will be having a bowling outing Wednesday of this week (Nov 2). Details: Northland Bowling, 10-12pm, $10/person for all you can eat pizza and unlimited bowling. Email Lauren at for more info.
Nov 7 Dr. Krishnaswami Alladi is a visiting professor from the University of Florida. In his talk, he will describe the remarkable life story of Ramanujan and show some slides of Ramanujan's home, the temple where he worshipped, the school he attended, and the new Ramanujan Center. Minutes
Nov 14 Our club advisor Dr. Ae Ja Yee will be speaking. We will begin with a set of problems that will shown to be equivalent. The solution to each problem is the same sequence of numbers called the Catalan numbers. In this talk, we will derive recurrence relations and explicit formulas for the numbers. Minutes
Nov 21 Dr. John Fricks, from the Statistics Department, will be giving a talk titled "Tracer Beads in Human Lung Mucus". Minutes
Nov 28 Dr. Arnold Shapiro will be speaking. Minutes
Dec 5 Last meeting of the semester = Math club party, possibly including an awesome math-y movie!

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