In the spring of 2004 the PSU Mars Society (PSUMS) spearheaded a large-scale outreach program entitled the Mars Outreach Initiative (MOI). The MOI built upon the tremendous success and public appeal of the Mars Exploration Rovers and Mars Express orbiter. Throughout the spring and early summer of 2004 PSUMS held several exhibits, lectures, workshops and community outreach events throughout central Pennsylvania, as well as across the entire state. All of the resources and materials featured on this site are available to the general public.

PSUMS is currently compiling its results and resources from the MOI, which will soon be brought together in a larger collection of both educational and public outreach resources available through the Mars Society. The posters in our image gallery are still available through the PSUMS, as are any other resources found on the web site. Any changes to this will be posted on this site.

How to Get Started - a comprehensive breakdown of steps to success in this project.

Materials Gallery - a collection of images of available exhibit material.

** We will soon be adding an area for chapters to post their success stories, ideas, suggestions, etc.  Please email with additional ideas of what you would like to see on this site.

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