Q: What is 'Isis'??
A: When the PSU Women’s Ultimate team was originally formed it was named ‘Isis’ after the Egyptian goddess. She was known as the Goddess of healing and magic, but more importantly she was thought of as the patron of women. Most college Ultimate teams go by the name that was chosen by the team's founders, so we go by either ‘Isis’ or just ‘Penn State’.

Q: Can I join if I've never played Ultimate Frisbee before?
A: ABSOLUTELY! In fact, most of our players have never played on an Ultimate team prior to college. Most of our players played a different sport in high school, so don't worry if you've never picked up a disc before! The players and captains will teach you the basic skills and help you to learn the game.

Q: What year do you have to be to join the team?
As long as you are a full time undergraduate or graduate student, you are welcome to join us!

Q: How often does the team practice?
A: We hold practices 2-4 nights a week at Bigler Field. Practices consist mainly of drills, conditioning, and scrimmages. Check the Schedule for practice info.

Q: Where is Bigler Field?
A: It is close to East Halls and the tennis courts. Click HERE for a map.

Q: How competitive is the team?
A: Like many other club sports teams at Penn State, Isis travels frequently to compete against other schools in the state, region, and across the country. We have finished in the top 5 teams in our region the past 3 years and it is our goal to qualify for Nationals.

Q: How many tournaments do you attend each semester and how far do you travel?
A: We travel to between 4 and 6 tournaments each semester (we play in both the fall and spring) and travel all around the East Coast.