Officers (2010-2011)

Contact Us:

Melissa Mullen
Melissa Mullen

Chemistry, 5th year
(mam1121 [at]

President Description:

  • The main contact person for this chapter both within Penn State and outside the university.
  • May be responsible for presiding over meetings, notifying the membership of upcoming meetings and events, appointing heads of committees, ex-officio a member of all committees, keeping contact with their work to the extent that may be advisable.
  • May authorize the withdrawal of funds for the treasury for the payment of obligations incurred by the chapter for such other purposes as the Executive Committee may approve, respond to the GWIS email alias, and conduct the activities of GWIS with consent of the membership.

Vice President Description:

  • May organize and run elections (unless the Vice President is running for office), authorize the withdrawal of funds, assist the President with correspondence duties, and assume the duties of the President when absent..
  • May be responsible for membership issues including recruitment, social events such as the Brown Bag Discussion series, and concerns of the membership.
  • If the President leaves office, the Vice President is expected to assume the presidential duties and an election will be held to fill the Vice Presidential position or the Presidential position if the Vice President decides not to permanently assume the position.

Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson
Vice President
Chemistry, 3rd year
(lmjackson8 [at]

Amanda McDermott

Materials Science and Engineering, 4th year
(a.g.mcdermott [at]

Secretary Description:

  • May collect all information generated by the organization and make it accessible to all GWIS members.
  • May take minutes at all meetings, distribute them to the membership, and keep a current membership list.

Jenny Wilcox

Chemistry, 4th year
(jlw1084 [at]

Treasurer Description:

  • May be responsible for the finances of GWIS including depositing revenue from membership dues and the Voices conference.
  • May record up-to-date membership lists and reimburse costs for various GWIS events.

Garam (Celine) Han
Bioinformatics & Genomics, 3rd year
(gzh105 [at]

Webmaster Description:

Download a more detailed description of the duties of the officers


Girl Scout Workshop:
Lindsey Swierk
(lindseyns [at]
Rachel Wagner
(rcw186 [at]

Women in STEM Week:
Kerry Michael
(kcm187 [at]
Jason Young
(jyoung [at]

Inside the Scientists Studio:
Abby Caporuscio
(afc113 [at]
Caroline Normille
(cpn107 [at]
Sharon Wang
(xxw131 [at]

Brown Bag Discussion Series:
Lauren Jackson
(lmjackson8 [at]


Irene Darku
(idd103 [at]
Lauren Jackson
(lmjackson8 [at]

National Meeting:

Christina Ragan
(cmr317 [at]
Lauren Jackson
(lmjackson8 [at]
Glenna Malcolm

Grad School 101:

Amanda McDermott
(a.g.mcdermott [at]
Josh Sokoloski
(jes513 [at]



GWIS Co-Advisors:
Dr. Coray Colina
(Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, colina [at]
Dr. Tracy Langkilde

(Assistant Professor of Biology)

WISE Institute:
Director: Ms. Raysun Goergen
Assistant Director: Ms. Jessica Hoyt
(jxa266 [at]
Student Programs Coordinator:
Ms. Kristin Dreyer
(kad4 [at]
Staff Assistant: Ms. Kim Siggins
(kms414 [at]