Executive Officers

Feel free to contact any of the following officers with and questions/concerns about Global Brigades or our specific brigades/programs. Additionally, you may stop by our office in 319 HUB during any of our Scheduled Office Hours.

Campus Chairperson

The Campus Chairperson is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the individual chapters as well as serving as the liaison between Penn State Global Brigades and the parent international non-profit organization, Global Brigades. The campus chairperson is supported by the Campus Council in programming events and opportunities for members on campus.

317365_10150797872190385_680292_n.jpg Tiffany Cole <PSUGlobalBrigades@gmail.com>
Senior, Science major: General Science option

"Involvement in Global Brigades not only has the ability to effect students' undergraduate experience but has led countless individuals to redefine their future goals and aspirations. I've seen people get inspired by the idea of creating global change and working cross-culturally. It is this type of inspiration and empowerment to which I hope to expose all students at Penn State."

Campus Programming Council

The Campus Council is collectively responsible for organizing and programming various events and opportunities for all PSU GB members on campus. They work to foster cross-chapter interaction between the various GB clubs. 

Ryan Funk headshotMember Recruitment and Guest Speaker Solicitation
Ryan Funk <rjfunk1@gmail.com>
Senior, Biology major

"I'm a senior Biology and Psychology double major with a Spanish minor. I went to Ghana two years ago as well as Nicaragua last year and had amazing experiences. I try to help people to the best of my abilities and I can't wait to work with the exec team to improve Global Brigades at Penn State."

Krista Liguori headshotEvent Planning
Krista Liguori <kml5525@psu.edu>
Junior, Biology major

"As a freshman I was able to travel to Panama for a Medical Brigade where I was exposed to the issues faced every day in the developing world and most importantly to the global water crisis. The experience prompted me to get more involved by researching, traveling, and spreading awareness through Global Brigades. I have since worked as a summer intern in Honduras for Water Brigades and am currently conducting my own research project on designing a sustainable water purification system."

Ama headshotEvent Planning
Ama Nimako-Boateng <asn5072@psu.edu>
Senior, Science Major: Biological Sciences and Health Professions Option

"I joined Global Brigades my junior year and ended up going on a medical brigade to my homeland of Ghana. I fell in love with this club and all the new friends I made, but the greatest reward of joining Global Brigades was the solidification of my desire to eventually move back to Ghana to practice medicine after I complete medical school. I hope to implement Global Brigades' holistic model and a lot of its sustainable practices. I am very excited to play my part and see what this growing student-led organization can accomplish."

Hunter headshotEducational Resource and Internship/Volunteer Opportunity Researching
Hunter Fraker <hunter.fraker@gmail.com>
Senior, Immunology and Infectious Disease major

"I think that Penn State GB members have really begun to embrace Global Brigades' model of holistic development.  I am looking forward to finding other opportunities that GB members can get involved in - both on and off campus - so that they can further their learning and share their experiences to help better our program."

Sarah Leach headshotNewsletter and Social Media Management
Sarah Leach <sjlpsu@gmail.com>
Senior, Biobehavioral Health major

"I joined Global Brigades as a junior to do my part giving help abroad and to learn about other cultures.  I fell in love with the program and its sustainability model. Being involved with Global Brigades has been one of the best experiences I've had at Penn State. Penn State's chapter of GB grows every year; I can't wait to see what big things we are going to do!"

397636_4793363305695_811589276_n.jpgWebmaster and Videographer
Kenny Yau <kyy5093@psu.edu>
Sophomore, Aspiring Biochemistry Major

"I traveled to Ghana last year with Global Medical Brigades, and man "life changing" is an understatement. What this organization and it's fantastic members have shown me has altered both my micro and macroscopic view of our world. I would give more details, but no spoilers; go on a brigade of your own. Though I'm always will to talk just shoot me an email or something."

Chapter Presidents

The following are presidents and co-presidents of Global Brigades clubs at Penn State. Individual chapters are responsible for organizing activities for their members that are specific to their particular discipline. They also work to organize brigades, our service trips abroad.

Architecture Brigades - CJ Blair <cwb5459@psu.edu>

Business/Microfinance BrigadesKarl Osis <osiskarl@gmail.com>

Environmental Brigades - Kaitlyn Spangler <kaitlyn.spangler@gmail.com>
                                        Kyle Johnson <kgj5024@psu.edu>

Human Rights Brigades - Brittany Colton <bmc5285@psu.edu>

Medical/Dental Brigades - Samantha Revello <srevellox@gmail.com>

Public Health Brigades - Caroline Going <cng5071@psu.edu>
                                     Melissa Herder <melissa.herder09@gmail.com> 

Water Brigades - Deirdre Carlson <deirdre.carlson.1225@gmail.com>
                          Kieran Carlisle 

Local Initiative Heads

Food Bank Farming Committee Head - Olivia Hopkins <olivia.hopkins1@gmail.com>

THON Committee Head - Stephen Hribar <hribars4507@gmail.com>