Local Initiatives

Local Initiatives are our way of serving our community at home. While a large focus of Global Brigades is working internationally, we recognize that there is also a huge amount of good that can be done right within our own backyard. Global Brigades currently offers two local initiative committee opportunities, with each committee consisting of a small groups of students dedicated to working on a specific project within the State College area.

We are also always open to new local initiative ideas to incorporate into our organization. If you have an idea for a new local initiative for Global Brigades, please contact our campus chairperson at PSUGlobalBrigades@gmail.com.

Food Bank Farming Committee

During planting and harvesting seasons, students work with a retired businessman/farmer to grow food products such as corn, potatoes, melons, strawberries, cabbage, carrots, berries, and more. The farm has a total of 3 acres, and all food grown goes towards stocking the State College Food Bank. 


If you would like more information about the Food Bank Farming project or would like to get involved in the committee, contact our Food Bank Farming Committee Head, Olivia Hopkins, at olivia.hopkins1@gmail.com.

THON Committee

THON is Penn State's IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon that works to raise awareness and funds for the fight against pediatric cancer. THON not only provides financial support for families with children suffering from cancer but also donates much towards cancer research through the Four Diamonds Fund at Hershey Children's Hospital. To date, Penn State THON has collectively raised more than $101 million to benefit the Four Diamonds Fund. For more information about THON, please visit the THON website.

THON 2013

Global Brigades' THON committee has recently partnered efforts with Eberly College of Science to raise funds toward THON.

If you would like more information about the role of Global Brigades in THON or would like to get involved in the committee, contact our THON Committee Head, Stephen Hribar, at hribars4507@gmail.com.