Get Involved

Becoming a member of Global Brigades is as simple as getting involved in any of the meetings, events, or other opportunities we offer. We simply request that everyone who wished to be a part of our network contribute to our cause and activities by paying annual club dues of $20. Club dues are collected throughout the year at meetings and office hours and come with a free Penn State Global Brigades club t-shirt.

All Penn State students are welcome to participate in any of our events. Membership is open to everyone from all majors, colleges, and backgrounds.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

+/-  Come to our Meetings and Events

Find out more about upcoming activities around campus by checking out the Meetings and Events page.

+/-  Join a Listserv

Listservs are the emailing lists by which we communicate with members regarding events, trips, and other opportunities for involvement. If you would like to get general updates about activities pertaining to Penn State GB as a whole, join the Global Brigades listserv. If you are interested in getting information that pertain to a specific chapter of Global Brigades, join the club listserv.

To subscribe to a listserv, send an email to the following:
(No subject or body is necessary in the email.)

Global Brigades Listserv:

**Note: By joining any of the following specific chapter/committee listservs, you will also receive all emails sent out via the overall Global Brigades listserv.**

Architecture Brigades Listserv:
Business/Microfinance Brigades Listserv:
Environmental Brigades Listserv:
Human Rights Brigades Listserv:
Medical Brigades Listserv:
Public Health Brigades Listserv:
Water Brigades Listserv:

Food Bank Farming Committee Listserv:
THON Committee Listserv: 

To unsubscribe from a listserv, simply replace "subscribe" with "unsubscribe" in the email addresses listed above.

+/-  Join a Local Initiative Committee

Local Initiative Committees are small groups of members that work together on a project within the State College area. Committees are a great way to get involved in a smaller group setting within the larger Global Brigades organization. It also provides an opportunity to get hands-on experience and serve a community without traveling abroad.

Find out more about our ongoing local projects on the Local Initiatives page.

+/-  Travel with Us on a Brigade

For those of you who are looking for an opportunity to travel and get hands-on experience working on projects in communities abroad, brigades are a great option! Brigades take place over winter break, spring break, and summer in Honduras, Panama, Ghana, and Nicaragua.

Find out more about our trips abroad on the Brigades page.

+/-  Check Out Our Social Media

Our Facebook Page provides up-to-date information about GB at Penn State, including photos from events, news updates from the countries we serve, etc.

Our Facebook Group is a great way to network with other members or alumni of our organization.

Follow us on Twitter! We will be live tweeting GB events!