Water Brigades

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Water Brigades' mission is to empower communities to access sufficient clean water through infrastructural development, water treatment, community leader training, and education. Water Brigades Volunteers assist in designing and implementing water systems to prevent water related illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water. Brigades take place in Honduras and Ghana. 

Volunteers work side-by-side with community members to construct the water system. Additionally Water Brigades and its volunteers provide education and training so that the community can properly administer, operate, and maintain their water system. Volunteers do not need water engineering experience prior to a Water Brigade, as they will be working directly with trained engineers throughout the building of the water system. The engineers will guide the volunteers on proper building practices and safety precautions during the building of the water system, while also educating the volunteers on the initial design, the long-term sustainability, and workings of the system.

Service Trips for the Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Academic Year: honduras flag ghana flag

  • Winter Break - Ghana
  • Summer Break - Ghana

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