Human Rights Brigades

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The mission of Human Rights Brigades is to empower rural communities in Panama with limited to no access to legal resources with the professional guidance and education to resolve their civil and property disputes. All Human Rights Brigades take place in Panama. 

Human Rights Brigades volunteers have the opportunity to work directly with Panamanian lawyers to provide pro-bono legal consulting to rural communities. Volunteers offer services through a free legal clinic, where volunteers shadow and assist lawyers as they provide legal consulting to community members. Volunteers also work with lawyers to provide land titling to families, empowering them with rights and government benefits that they would not have received otherwise. Additionally, volunteers provide legal capacity building workshops on various legal concepts to empower communities through education. Student volunteers do not need prior knowledge in Panamanian legal frameworks, as they will be shadowing Panamanian lawyers who will be helping to educate students on Panamanian laws as they are providing legal referrals and advice to community members.

Service Trips for the Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Academic Year: panama flag

  • Spring Break - Panama
  • Summer Break - Panama

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