Business/Microfinance Brigades

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Penn State's Business/Microfinance Brigades combines the disciplines of Business and Microfinance into one chapter. Brigades Brigades take place in Panama, while Microfinance Brigades take place in Honduras and Ghana.

The mission of Business Brigades is to empower rural communities without access to financial services and business guidance to become more economically stable by providing micro-enterprise consulting, financial planning assistance and strategic investment. A Brigade consists of working, on a household and individual level, to conduct workshops on financial literacy topics and small business development consulting. Students work in small groups to get to know their clients and address the financial and/or business needs and challenges of the client.

Microfinance Brigades provide rural community members a community banking system, with access to loans, financial literacy programs, and education to increase production and foster a culture of savings and growth. Microfinance Brigade volunteers work with community bank representatives to consult other members of their community on improving financial sustainability. Volunteers help individuals and families in rural communities strengthen their own businesses, ensure against emergencies, and fund community projects.

Business and Microfinance Brigades are designed for volunteers of all backgrounds to be able to fully engage and contribute in the implementation of economic development.

Service Trips for the Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Academic Year: honduras flag panama flag

  • Spring Break - Panama (Business brigade)
  • Summer Break - Ghana (Microfinance brigade)

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