Architecture Brigades

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The Mission of Architecture Brigades is to collaborate with rural communities in Honduras to alleviate needs in health and education infrastructure through design and hands-on construction projects. All Architecture Brigades' trips take place in Honduras. Projects include designing and constructing schools and health centers for rural communities.

All universities with an Architecture Brigades chapter has the opportunity to participate in the intial design competitions. We will be provided the design specifications from Global Brigades as well as a deadline to submit our design. After the deadline, the Architecture staff members in Honduras will review each design with the community leaders to allow the community to select their favorite design(s) and also make adjustments to the designs as needed.

We also participate in the construction of the project after the design has been selected. Volunteers do not need prior building expertise for the brigade, as they will be working alongside skilled masons who will guide students on proper building practices and safety precautions during building, while also educating volunteers of the use of local materials.

Service Trips for the Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Academic Year: honduras flagNicaragua flag


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