Logistics Directors

Tim Kellagher

My name is Tim Kellagher. I am the Co-Director of Logistics for Fresh START 2014 with the terrific Emily Newman. I am a junior majoring in Marketing and Economics. Fresh START has been a part of my life since my freshman year when I was a volunteer at the Westerly Parkway service site. From there, I became a Team Leader for Fresh START 2012, and for Fresh START 2013 I was the Director of Public Relations and Outreach. Emily and I are responsible for coordinating all the buses, finding entertainment, and many, many small details for the Day of Service.

Serving the community is a huge passion of mine, but being ROOTED in community service with Fresh START is not the only thing I am involved with. I am the Vice President of Philanthropy for the Smeal Student Council, head of the Smeal THON Coalition, and I will always be repping pink with my Hospitality THON Committee, the HOS Pockets. I love to be outside playing sports or riding my bike with my friends and family. I hang out in the HUB and Business Building all the time, so if you find me, don’t be shy and come say hello. If you have any questions about Fresh START, Penn State, or life in general, please feel free to email me at timkellagher@gmail.com.


Emily Newman

Hello! My name is Emily Newman. I am a sophomore in Environmental Resource Management with a minor in Science, Society and Environment of Africa. In the past, I have been a participant and Team Leader of Fresh START, and this year, I am stoked to be serving as the Director of Logistics with my spectacular co-director, Tim! I am also a member of Ag Advocates, the Student Sustainability Advisory Council and I’ll be repping yellow for Morale at THON 2014!

Serving the community has been a passion of mine since I was a child; from baking cookies for my hometown churches Bake Sale or developing sustainable farms in Panama, I have a desire to be an active member of local and global communities. Fresh START gave me the opportunity to give back to State College, as well as Get Rooted in service during my time at University Park!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at exn5031@psu.edu!