Signups Beginning Soon!

Signups for Fresh START 2014 will begin on Saturday, August 23 on Freshmen, transfer, and change of campus students will be able to sign up for the Fresh START 2014 Day of Service by visiting this website and finding the Fresh START event listed for August 30th.

Save the date, Fresh START is on August 30th!

What is Fresh START?

Fresh START is Penn State's largest day of service for incoming first-year, change-of-campus, and transfer students new to the campus. The primary goals of Fresh START are to introduce new students to service opportunities at Penn State and the Borough of State College and to facilitate building friendships between students transitioning to the University Park campus.

The purpose of the Fresh START Day of Service is to encourage new students to "Get Rooted" in service during their academic careers at Penn State. Not just for the day, but for a lifetime. Fresh START assists new students in developing lifelong civic engagement and building leadership skills through service.

Save the date, Fresh START is on August 30th, 2014!