Welcome To Our Website!

Welcome to the new and updated PSUFC website. To all who are interested in joining, check out the FAQ page.

Practices will begin January 11th. Come and join us. Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:15 - 10:15 pm, in the Fencing Room (32 White Building)

Club News


Greetings everybody! Much has been happening lately, including our officer elections for next year. If you get a chance, be sure to congratulate our new secretary Ebet Bjanes, our new treasurer Doug Buckel, our new vice president Sandra Duffy, and our new president Ryan Trella. In other news, our next deli night is the Thursday following spring break (3/17). Be sure to arrive at the beginning of the meeting or inform one of the officers that you intend to go so we get an accurate count of who's going. I hope everyone has a good spring break, and hope to see you next week!


THE D-LITE TOURNAMENT FOR TUESDAY, FEB. 1ST HAS BEEN CANCELED! It is being rescheduled for next Tuesday, Feb. 8th at the regular time (8:15pm). We apologize for any inconveniences this causes. We hope to see you all next week!


Greetings Members! We're up and running with the new semester. We have stopped taking beginner fencers for the Spring, but fencers with previous experience are still allowed to join. Our first tournament of D-Lites for the semester is rapidly approaching. Remember: if you are interested in fencing in this event you need a USFA membership, and must be D rated or lower IN ALL WEAPONS, not just the weapon you are competing in. If you are not intending to fence in the event, please stop by to assist with score-keeping and timing.

Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you show up to practices ON TIME. Arriving late to avoid warm ups will not be tolerated. If you have a class conflict, let one of the officers know and we will make an exception.


It's been awhile since our last update, but this has certainly been a fairly eventful semester. Our last Tournament of D-Lites is rapidly approaching (December 7th) and we would like to end the year strong. Please go to askFred.net to pre-register as soon as you can! If you aren't going to be fencing in the tournament, please come anyway to help.

Attendance has been somewhat low at the meetings lately. We realize we're coming up on the end of the semester, and that projects and exams run rampant, but please try to attend the remaining meetings! Winter break is a long time to go without fencing before Spring Semester, and it's important to keep practicing. See you Tuesday! (Or tonight if you're in town!)


Greetings members! We're rolling along through the semester, and a few important dates are coming up. Before that though, please note that we have stopped accepting beginner fencers for the semester. If you are new to fencing and wish to join in the Spring, we will be accepting new fencers for the first two weeks of the semester. Also, if you have not paid dues by this point, you may not fence until you do so.

The first our first tournament of D-Lites on October 5th at 8:00 in the Fencing Room. This is a tournament for fencers who have a D rating or lower in all weapons. It's good competition experience, and you are urged to attend. If you do not plan on fencing in the tournament, please show up to help keep score and run the strips. The next important date is for the Nittany Lion Open on October 23rd and 24th. This is a good tournament to go to to watch higher level fencing. See you all on Thursday!


Greetings club members! We're rapidly approaching the new semester, and we hope to hit the ground running. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, August 24th. (check the website beforehand in the event that this changes). BRING YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE CARDS TO THE FIRST MEETING! We've had paperwork issues in the past and we'll be cracking down on them this year. Also, know your policy expiration date! You will need it to fill out your participation agreement.

To the more experienced members: There is a new rule for the fencing room, which is that anyone who is fencing needs to be wearing knickers. Footwork practice in pants is still permitted.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our first meeting.