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Dance Team Alumni Mentor Network

All alumni are invited to participate in a new program launched by the Morgan Academic Support Center for Student Athletes. The Student-Athlete Alumni Mentor Network is a program that will contain information from student athlete alumni across the country, accessible by current student athletes here at Penn State.  The Dance Team would like to be the first team to bring this idea to fruition.   

As a mentor, your responsibilities may be as simple as advising a current team member or you may wish to take on a more comprehensive role and assist with internship placement, or housing information.  We are hoping this program affords Dance Team members the opportunity to increase their career network opportunities; as well as provide the necessary resources for career development and enhancement.

If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Mentor, please e-mail the following information to src122@psu.edu:

Business Address
E-mail Address
Phone Contact
Job Category (ie. Sales)
Graduation Year

If you are missing from the roster below, please e-mail Sue Sherburne at src122@psu.edu with the last year that you were a member of the team.


2005-2006 Team

First Row: Amanda Ludorf,  Jenna Pribicko, Danielle Mimnaugh, Susan Hammond, Lauren Motko, Kaitlyn Ammon, Allie Ives, Rachel Everhart

Second Row: Kelly Silvis, Kylie Runtas, Katie Donovan, Ashley Bradford, Alyssa Rumbaugh, Gina Oliva, Nicole Corrao, Stephanie Hank,

Third Row: Tara Berardi, Jolene Lusterman, Jessica Hartman, Jenny DiNardo, Sydney Klein, Mandy Poole, Julie Berardi, Ashley Rose Herbick

2004-2005 Team

First Row: Katie Donovan, Kara De Antonio, Jennifer Driver,  Danielle Mimnaugh, Susan Hammond, Ashley Bradford, Lauren Motko, Emily Wills, Allie Ives, Kaitlyn Ammon, Nicole Corrao, Cecilia Grageda

Second Row: Kelly Silvis, Tara Berardi, Kylie Runtas, Jessica Hartman,  Rachel Everhart, Alyssa Rumbaugh, Jenna Pribicko, Mandy Poole, Gina Oliva, Amanda Ludorf, Julie Berardi,  Stephanie HanK

2003-2004 Team

First Row: Carrie Konosky,  Andrea Moore, Marisa DellaBella

Second Row: Jackie Lustig, Kara DeAntonio, Denice Barnhart,  Kacy Kreiling,  Kristie McCausland

Third Row: Jennifer Driver, Jenna Pribicko, Kaitlyn Ammon, Lauren Motko, Emily Wills, Danielle Mimnaugh, Christina Youhouse, Allie Ives, Susan Hammond, Ashley Bradford, Cecilia Grageda

Fourth Row: Katie Donovan, Kylie Runtas, Christy Davin, Nicole Corrao, Gina Oliva

2002-2003 Team

First Row: Andrea Moore, Kara DeAntonio, Dawn Wagner, Jennifer Driver,  Morgan Snider, Sharon Romano, Denice Barnhart, Adrienne Osterhuber, Kacy Kreiling, Kristie McCausland, Marisa DellaBella

Second Row: Carrie Konosky, Danielle Mimnaugh, Susan Hammond, Grace Miller, Lauren Motko, Emily Wills, Christina Youhouse, Kaitlyn Ammon, Allison Ives, Jackie Lustig, Cecilia Grageda

2001-2002 Team

First Row: Brianne Ritzert

Second Row: Krisite McCausland, Alissa Salsovic, Denice Barnhart, Kacy Kreiling, Kara DeAntonio

Third Row: Andrea Moore, Stacey Juliano, Melissa Wills, Mindi Motko, Autumn Marisa, Jennifer Driver, Morgan Snider, Marisa DellaBella, Sharon Romano

Fourth Row: Carrie Konosky, Jessica Kibler, Dawn Wagner, Adrienne Osterhuber, Emily Wills, Christina Youhouse, Jackie Lustig, Janessa Hancher, Cecilia Grageda

2000-2001 Team

First Row: Andrea Moore, Amy Supeck

Second Row: Janessa Hancher, Carrie Konosky, Alysia DeAntonio

Third Row: Jennifer Shevchek, Lisa Bogarowski, Kristie McCausland

Fourth Row: Autumn Marisa, Alissa Salsovic, Cara VanFossan, Brianne Ritzert, Stacey Juliano

Fifth Row: Denice Barnhart, Shannon Reagan, Amy Wills,  Mindi Motko, Melissa Wills, Amber Timmons

1999-2000 Team

First Row: Amy Supeck, Robyn Smith, Katie Galasso, Jennifer Shevchek, Brianne Ritzert, Kelly Wynkoop, Jessica Brown, Kerry McGuire, Alysia DeAntonio, Kelly Santimauro

Second Row: Alissa Salsovic, Neta Thurman, Autumn Marisa, Melissa Wills, Shannon Reagan, Amy Wills,  Cara VanFossan, Mindi Motko, Amber Timmons, Lindy Poe

Not pictured: Janessa Hancher

1998-1999 Team

First Row: Jennifer Shevchek, Robyn Smith, Kelly Santimauro, Jessica Brown, Brianne Ritzert, Katie Galasso

Second Row: Amber Timmons, Linday Poe, Kelly Wynkoop, Tammie LeClair, Neta Thurman, Kristy Apostolico

 Not pictured: Alysia DeAntonio, Lindsey Ronchi, Amy Supeck, Amy Wills

1997-1998 Team

Kristy Apostolico, Jessica Brown, Rose Capistrano, Katie Galasso, Tammie LeClair, Kay Leaming, Michele Carvale, Audra Scuderi, Mandy Clark, Lindy Poe, Kelly Santimauro, Robyn Smith, Kelly Wynkoop, Trinity Urban, and Nikki Bashaw

1996-1997 Team

Corinne Almquist, Kristy Apostolico, Rose Capistrano, Jolee Chicalese, Mandy Clark, Natalie D'Agostino, Pam Donati, Amanda Hinda, Kay Leaming, Andrea Levine, Michele Lewis, Lara Lundstrom, Christy Plesce, Jen Price, Jamie Lynn Rosenthal, Audra Scuderi, Andrea Spleth, Nancy Tanzola, Trinity Urban, Amy Walker 

1995-1996 Team

Gwen Capello, Michele Carvale, Cara Chieffallo, Laurie Fossett, Cassi Goldman, Mindy Gossett, Niele Henry,
Tracy Jackson, Amy Johnston, Melanie Kramer, Kelly Leavitt, Sarah MacCorkindale, Chris Mancini, Nikki
Miceli, Mandi Minnich, Sophia Nawrocki, Katie Norman, Meredith Ott, Lindsey Peirson, Paige Proska, Susan 
Raab, Michelle Shiavone, Erin Steiner, Theresa Tremel


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