Top Ten Reasons to Join:

    1.  Our programming includes some of the World's best dancers and teachers

    2.  Access to the excellent dance facilities in White Building

    3.  Established, mutually beneficial partnerships with Latenight Penn State and UPAC

    4.  Professional sound system with computerized music library

    5.  Large library of music and instructional videos

    6.  Wide variety of dances we teach, including social and competition styles of over 20 dances!

    7.  Large group of dedicated and talented volunteer teachers

    8.  Great value in student organizations - every $1 in membership dues has bought thirty times as much in activities over the past couple years

    9.  Proven record of outstanding programming, long-term stability and a regular event schedule

    10.  Most importantly - Lots of chances to dance, socialize and meet new people from a wide variety of backgrounds Club dues help pay for equipment, music, special dance events, and other activities. Club dues are as follows:

$25 for Fall and Spring Semesters

$15 for either Fall or Spring Semester

$10 for Summer Semester

You can pay your dues during any of the club's events by contacting a club officer. You also can mail your dues to our advisor:

Barbara Kennedy

520 Thomas Building

University Park, PA 16802

Make checks payable to "Penn State Ballroom Dance Club" along with a signed membership form 2010-2011.pdf

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