Welcome to Penn State Badminton Club


Welcome to the first website of the PennState Badminton club at University park. The badminton club is a student-run organization supported by Penn State Club Sports. The club has players of all ages with different levels of expertise.  We practice three (3) times a week at 126 White Building, on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 6.45 p.m to 9.45 p.m,

In fall 2010, we introduced free coaching sessions for people interested in learning the basics and improve their game.  It was a big hit among the members. We intend to continue this, provided we have sufficient members registered. If you are interested, feel free to contact our officers for more detail informatinon.

The club provides nets and shuttles (feather).  You are however required to bring your own rackets. 

Club Etiquettes

  1. All members will wear the right attire for playing, respecting the game and other players. 
  2. People who reach early will help setting the courts up.
  3. You are requested to rotate courts, giving everyone a chance to play..
  4. Once a game is completed, you are requested to clear any remaining shuttles on the court. New shuttles will be issued only on the exchange of the old.
  5. Please use old shuttles for warm up.
  6. Members finishing last will take the nets down and place them inside the closet.

Anyone who fails to comply will be taken away from the roster.

New Website

 We are proud to announce that a new website with updated information has been developed to make the sport popular. Please feel free to send in your comments to the webmaster