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introducing the skeptics club

Alien abductions, alternative medicine, bizarre cults, creation science, phone psychics, recovered memories, crop circles, and conspiracies galore are in the news and on many American's minds. What are the facts behind these various phenomenon and where can one look for information? The Skeptics Club here at Penn State is looking for answers.

The Skeptics Club examines these and other oddities from a realistic perspective. If someone claims that they can fly using meditation, we ask to see them do it. If someone claims to be psychic, Skeptics arrange for a lab-quality test of the alleged powers. James Randi, famous Skeptic and founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation, has a reward of over a million dollars for anyone with a demonstrable paranormal ability. Many have tried to collect this money, some sincere believers in their nonexistent powers and others simply con artists, and all have failed.

Skeptical thought is an important and underrepresented viewpoint in the world today. We hope to provide the skeptical view on important matters around campus and examine current events from the skeptical perspective. We also intend to have fun in the process. Last semester we learned how to make fake UFO pictures (higher quality than a lot of the pictures you may have seen on FOX), practiced some "psychic" powers such as spoon bending and breaking, and palled around with magicians/skeptics Penn and Teller.

To contact or join the Skeptics Club, email Stephen Cumblidge at sec108@psu.edu.
For meeting information, see the Skeptics Club meeting time and place.