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New Account Management System - Definition

Begining spring 2003, Web accounts for student organizations will be created and managed by staff at the participating campus or college where the respective organization is located. There will be a total of five organization members, the "Webmasters" or "Web-Team members," who can apply for access to a site at a time. The president, or an alternate, will be appointed the "Web-Team Coordinator," who can instantly assign the Webmasters via an online system. The Web-Team Coordinator is assigned by the Student Activities office at the respective Penn State location where the organization is located. Typically the Web-Team Coordinator is an officer, such as the president. The participating Student Activities offices may assign the Web-Team Coordinator for each organization with Web space at their discretion, and may typically do so after officer elections.

The Web-Team Coordinator or president will not automatically get access to update the organization's Website, but can assign his/her account as another Webmaster.

Organizations managed by the new account management system will have the campus location code in their URL. The Web site for Pitch Club (card club) is located at . The Webmasters for Pitch Club (card club) can update the site at /.../ on the file service.

To complete the goal of a new management structure, there will be a transition of most organizations from the former account management system. Not all organizations may be eligible for the new service, and not all Penn State locations may participate. Contact the Student Activities office at your campus or college for details.

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