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Final failure of former student organizations server,

The former NT/IIS based Web server for student organizations,, had a critical software failure during the week of (Mar 17 - 21, 2003). To expedite the current migration schedule, applications previously provided by the former Web server no longer will be supported. Scheduled deployment and support for replacement applications on the new server will continue in a timely manner. Student organization data, such as counter values, guestbooks, and custom CGI applications were not lost.

Applications affected are as follows:

ApplicationCurrent statusexpected completion date on new servers
Active Server Pages (.asp)disabledTBA
Graphical Countersdisabled - a 1x1 black pixel image is returned for the interimTBA
Guestbooksre-enabled, e-mail to learn how to gain access to modify the entriesMar 31
wsendmail - form mailer scriptre-enabled, read changes about how to get it to work again, or how to use formmail.cgiMar 31
.htaccess based passwords utilityre-enabled, but currently incompatible with new managed spacefull fix & new docs TBA
Custom CGI applications installed by the former server committee for specific organizationstransitionalvaries, by organization

The current Web services for student organizations, (, and for social fraternities and sororities, (, are unaffected by this failure. Only the applications listed above are affected.

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