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The Greek Life Web Service ( upgrade and transition, which took place during Spring Break 2003 (March 10-14) is now complete. The information below outlines the changes and enhancements made by this upgrade.

  • The Web space has been moved to a new set of servers, which are managed by Information Technology Services (ITS).

  • FTP has been disabled. Other methods including Secure FTP (SFTP) have taken its place.

  • Shared accounts no longer exist. Previously, fraternities and sororities used a single account to transfer files to their site. Now, each Web Site Content Editor (formerly called "Webmasters" or "Web Team members") must use his or her own account to log in. Each organization can now have up to 5 of these accounts at a time.

  • Penn State Access Accounts are now used. The Web Site Content Editors no longer have to remember another password to log in. They can just use the same password they use for Penn State e-mail, and other Penn State computer services.

  • The Web site locations, or URLs (Universal Resource Locators) have changed. Formerly, fraternities had Web space folders under and sororities had Web space folders under Now, Web space folders are under the council that recognizes each organization, such as . Redirects have been placed at the old locations so that visitors can find the new locations of each site.

  • The old domain name,, has been permanently disabled. All references to this domain should be removed as they will no longer function.

  • The Greek Life Web Service now uses the same technology as the new Student Organizations Web Service, formerly known as the Student Activity Server.

  • Files and folders on the new file server are now case sensitive. This means that the file called "index.html" is not the same file as "INDEX.HTML". However the Web server tries to find a file for a Web page request regardless of its case. If someone tries to read, the server will return

  • Folders without an index.html, default.htm or home.html (using either the .htm or the .html suffixes) used to return "Directory Listing Denied". Now it returns a list of files and folders in that folder. This new behavior was by design. We now have better ways of protecting data, such as passwords.

  • Fraternity and sorority presidents may now log in via a Web page that allows them to assign the Web Site Content Editor accounts for their organization. When the account for an organization's "Web Manager" is ready, the account the president uses to assign its content editors, he|she will receive a notice at his|her Penn State e-mail account with instructions on how to logon.

  • Web space for social fraternities and sororities will continue to managed by the Greek Life office, in concert with the Student Activities office of the Division of Student Affairs. Greek Life and University Park Student Activities Contact Info

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