Thursday Minutes


November 8, 2012



President – remember Wednesday meetings from 5-6
VP – HELP 12/12/12 apocalypse party
Head of senate – keep up with office hours

  1. Academic Affairs - Elaboration on second year experience
  2. Disciplinary Committee – will be sending out e-mails
  3. Governmental Affairs - Having events so governmental affairs is more well known, maybe second thanksgiving dinner, will start planning for capital day
  4. Student affairs - Questions will be up by next week and will be open for a while, motion to appropriate funds for student affairs
  5. Student life - Events for no place for hate
  6. THON - Merchandise table is set up, open 12-2, have t-shirts and lots more
  7. PR Chair - Working on posters for allies, November is month for domestic violence awareness, work with student affairs
  8. CRC - Change from 2 CCSG to 1 CCSG
  9. Webmaster - Link for surveymonkey on the website

Heart and soul – asking for $800 for World’s finest chocolate
Student affairs – appropriating funds for prices; gift cards: 100 gift card for the winner, randomly selected