Welcome to the Penn State Fayette Student Government Association (SGA) homepage. This site meant to provide information to the student body about SGA - their own representatives who work to voice the concerns of the students in the way the campus is governed.  We do have influence over a lot of the decisions made here on campus. In addition, the Student Activities Committee and THON Team are sub committees of the SGA. Feel free to browse our website to educate yourself on this great organization and tradition!

Penn State Fayette Student Government Association

"One voice, one family, never forget, we are Penn State Fayette"

October 2012 Council of Commonwealth Student Governments


From left to right:


* Stephen Dzambo


* Rebecca Johnson


* Nicholas Nicholson


* Matt Spaw


* Braden Delmar


* Alicia Williams


* Julian Buckel


* Nathan Kiliany